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Worry Free Business Services

Focus on your business instead of worrying about the every-day "care and feeding" of you IT system. We've got your back, and we'll know about a problem before you do! With our quick response, you'll be notified and back to full operation in no time!


Active Systems Management Service

  • Deep Enterprise-level Metric and Performance monitoring for Servers and Workstations
  • Update monitoring for Windows Updates and Anti-Virus programs
  • Monitor for infections by viruses, Trojans, and other malware
  • Backup State Monitoring

Monthly Subscription:
$30 for servers
$15 for workstations

Off-Site Backups

  • Backup System States for complete restorations
  • Backup Microsoft SharePoint Sites & SQL Databases without taking them offline
  • Backup Microsoft Exchange & Active Directory
  • Backup all other important files

Monthly Subscription:
$0.80 per GB

Database Management Service

  • Review and perform routine maintenance on SQL Servers
  • Help insure optimal performance
  • Test and Review local backups for integrity
  • Review SQL Server Security, Application, and User Logs

One-time Monthly service usually completed in 1 hour per SQL Instance


Weekly or Daily Services also available

Network Security Service

  • Onsite Security Review and Recommended Action Report
  • Providing Sophos Security Gateways for LAN and Wireless applications
  • Fully customizable configuration and implementation

Fixed-Price Security Review and Recommended Action Report, per project


Security Gateway and implementation, priced per project