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Adoption and
Change Management

Strengthen your organization’s approach to adopting new software through JourneyTEAM’s proven adoption and change management framework.

Teams Adoption Anchor

What is Adoption and Change Management?

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Simplifying adoption requires a change in behavior.

  • A framework to achieve the outcomes through end users adopting change

  • Adoption & Change Management drives the people side of change and adoption

  • Focus is on clarity of roles for Sponsors, Managers and those impacted by change

  • Adoption drives process and system simplification to increase the desire to change

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Why is Adoption and Change Management Important?

Adoption and Change management increase the likelihood of a successful implementation by 93%.

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Prosci 2020 Benchmarking Data from 2007, 2009, 2011,  2013, 2015, 2017, 2019

JourneyTEAM’s Plan for Successful  Adoption and Change Management

Our Adoption and Change Management framework has 3 phases:


ASSESS         PLAN        MEASURE

1. Success & Risk Assessments - We will work through two assessments with you: change and risk profiles. 

  • The "Change Triangle Assessment" identifies probability of project success, for sponsors, for project management and change management. 

  • The "Risk Assessment" determines the level of risk between the "Change" and the "Organization" rated as a Low, Medium, or High risk


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