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For a limited time only, access all 19 on-demand sessions right here. Enjoy!

JourneyTEAM's 9th annual Business Technology Summit was a great success!

This year's virtual event was the perfect opportunity to get educated on the latest and greatest technology tips and tricks, tools, and best practices. See below for 19 educational sessions and contact us if you need any assistance.

Azure Active Directory (AAD) Join v Hybrid AAD Join: Which Device Management Strategy Makes Sense for Your Business

How ready is Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly named Intune) for pure cloud device management with no dependencies on Active Directory? And what about those on-prem Active Directory integrated work loads? How does an Azure Active Directory Joined device work in that environment? This session will cover everything you want and need to know about native Azure Active Directory Joined devices and the interoperability with on-prem services.

Azure | Cloud

Key Steps and Tools to Refining Warehouse & Manufacturing Processes

Join this session to get an overview on essential warehouse management best practices, inventory tracking, pick and packing, receiving and shipping. This session will also dive into the importance of BOM data accuracy for manufacturers, planning options available, and its impact on material and production planning.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Increase Effectiveness of Key Business Tools with Purpose-Built Power Apps

Power Apps are most useful when users can leverage them within the context of their own work. Join this session to learn how to embed Power Apps in your frequently used business tools to make work more efficient and effective.

Business Intelligence | Power Apps

Microsoft Viva: Revolutionizing Productivity Through Curating Content, Meetings, Connections and More

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights in the flow of work. Join this session to learn how to best utilize Viva at your company!

Viva | Collaboration

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Other Key Systems: What's the Best Approach and Why?

One of the main benefits of Dynamics 365 is its ability to work with other systems. From simple to complex, there are many ways it can be integrated with other key business applications. This session covers the various options Microsoft provides to connect to their systems, the pros and cons, as well as when to use those options.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Azure App Modernization - How to Move Apps onto the Azure Platform!

This session will be a selection of some of our best and favorite tidbits and nuggets as you work in the Azure environment. Targeted for developers or architects that are building or designing modern cloud applications, we will cover tips and tricks and best practices to simplify your Azure workloads. This session will cover things that you should be aware of that you may have missed as you work in Azure.

Azure | Cloud

Intranets - What Works and Doesn't - Building a WORLD CLASS Intranet

Learn what the latest organizations are doing to build a world-class intranet. In this session, we will highlight the latest trends, features and success criteria to build an effective company intranet.

Intranet | SharePoint

Power BI and Business Central: The Perfect Pair for Financial Reporting and Insightful Dashboards

Explore options for executives and managers with Business Intelligence dashboards. Drill into summary and transaction level details seamlessly. Integrate this with Dynamics 365 Business Central and find the KPI's that will allow you to pivot with speed and agility.

Power BI
Business Central

Reduce Manual Errors and Overhead by Applying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to your Business

Robotic process automation (RPA) eliminates mundane tasks, shifting employee focus to more meaningful work- all while reducing manual errors.  Join this session to learn how robotic processes can help you get more out of your human capital.

Business Intelligence | RPA

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Transforms Customer Interactions to Improve the Bottom Line

Dynamics 365 has the ability to transform your business. It can improve your bottom line by increasing revenue, reducing operational inefficiencies and improving customer interactions. This session will dive into exactly how this is possible as well as give a real-world example of how an organization benefited using Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, and Field Service to effect real change in their company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 | CRM

Digital Transformation Maturity: What More Can Your Cloud Do?

This session will outline key milestones and levels of maturity on a company's journey to the cloud. Business Process, Security and Technologies will all be laid out as you work through your IT transformation to cloud services. Join this session to learn how mature your cloud platform is today and what more you can do to further leverage the power of cloud and SaaS offerings.

Digital Transformation | Cloud

Adding Customized Apps to Microsoft Teams

This session offers up recommendations and industry standards for developing custom solutions within Microsoft Teams. Join this session to see our most recent custom app, "Team Hub", in action!

Microsoft Teams | Collaboration

Key Attributes and Characteristics of Building a Successful ERP Implementation Team

This session will outline recommendations and standards for the best performing implementation teams to produce successful adoption and sustainability for your new systems.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 | ERP

Using Power BI to Improve and Automate Goal Management and Tracking

Turning your data into insight shouldn't be hard. Managing your goals and seeing where you are shouldn't be that difficult either! Furthermore, it can be a struggle combining the two. Thanks to the power of Power BI Goals, that combination has been made SO easy! Join this session for a hands-on look at what the new goal management features look like in Power BI.

Business Intelligence | Power BI

Tell Your Business Story: Improved Visualizations Using Microsoft Power BI

We've seen some pretty impressive reports in our day, and some that were impressively bad. We'll walk you through real-life case studies and dive into the finer points of creating data visualizations so that you can successfully tell the story behind your data!

Business Intelligence | Power BI

Transform Sales Effectiveness with the Enhanced Dynamics 365 Mobile Sales App

Has the user interface finally gotten its recognition within a Dynamics 365 product?! The Sales Hub App's recent facelift gives it an easy-to-use feel with simplicity for capturing quick, effective Sales notes. Join this session to grab a sneak peak!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales | CRM

How to Simplify Process Flow, Lead-to-Cash, by Combining Elements of CRM and ERP Systems

Join this session to learn common practices for using CRM and ERP together to enable the most efficient and effective Lead-to-Cash process within your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 | ERP and CRM

Microsoft Teams: How to Help Your Company Get the Most Out of Your Teams Adoption

Teams is an amazing tool but often gets adopted poorly. Learn the industry secrets to get the most out of Teams while still maintaining a level of governance within your organization.

Microsoft Teams | Collaboration

Ditch Your On-Prem Active Directory (AD)- The Path to a Pure Cloud Directory with Azure AD

The time is here to consider what the path to a pure cloud directory would look like and the business value it could provide. This session will outline a roadmap to the ultimate destination of moving away from the on-prem version of Active Directory as well as if this is a viable strategy for your unique business needs.

Azure | Cloud

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