Heavy Equipment Dealer's Digital Transformation

Wheeler Machinery implements Dynamics 365 for Scalable Growth
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Wheeler Machinery Co., has been Utah’s CAT dealer for more than 60 years. Wheeler is part of Campbell Companies, whose history that goes back 100 years. Wheeler Machinery provides high levels of service to their heavy equipment customers.

With over 600 employees, Wheeler serves the industries of construction, mining, quarry & aggregate, agriculture, oil & gas, and more. They provide machinery repair and maintenance services, parts, rental, financing, consulting and training. Since 1957, Wheeler Machinery Co. has been partnering for customer’s success, helping them increase profitability by providing solutions for their challenges and offering industry-leading CAT machines and unparalleled product support.


Challenge 1: Fast, Accurate Information and Needed Training

In a highly competitive market, it is key that management have fast and accurate access to business analytics, financial management, customer relationship management, information & knowledge management. The organization also embraced the benefits of training employees on evolving digital transformation and best use of Microsoft technologies.

Challenge 2: The Need for Modernization

As a company whose foundation was laid decades ago, this field has traditionally been asssociated with as old-school ways  and low-tech business processes. But with mergers & acquisitions, and highly diversified industrial operations, Wheeler Machinery was ready for the right tools to handle their complex systems. They needed to be able to scale and integrate rapidly.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central prebuilt infrastructure was the clear choice. Wheeler knew it had the flexibility and innovation that would support their growth well into the future. Microsoft D365 BC had all the advanced features needed to meet its current and future challenges without limitations. All operational systems integrated well, allowing for easy access.



With the implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales, Wheeler machinery was able to gain:

  • Increased Efficiency: With the increased efficiency provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC, the organization was able to maximize outputs as well as improve its competitiveness.

  • Scalable Definable Process: D365 Business Central provided Wheeler Machinery with stability and competitive system, which increased their productivity, influx of demand, and customers changing needs.

  • Inherent Security: Security measures and safeguards have been put into place that eliminate process threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Central Dashboard for Reporting – unified reporting and analytics: They are now able to monitor, categorize and analyze all interactions. Real-time analytics, reports and data visualization tools help them uncover the true meaning of customer conversations.

  • Identity access management: With internet access framework in place, they are now able to control user access to critical information within their organization. They are now able to protect access to corporate resources and don’t need to rely on manual and error-prone process to assign and track user privileges.

JourneyTEAM project members:

Mike Smith, JourneyTEAM Project Manager

Ed Roberson, JourneyTEAM Account owner

Wheeler Machinery Co. Project members:

Shawn Archibald, (title) Wheeler Machinery Co.

Taylor Ipsen, (title) Wheeler Machinery Co.

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