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Brigham Young University-Idaho adopts Microsoft Dynamics 365 App to Improve Data Collection and Case Management

Improving Business Processes for Higher Education

“JourneyTEAM is one of the best vendors we work with! They are very competent and customer focused. We appreciated the communication and their willingness to discuss things we should be doing differently early-on in the project. We are looking forward to plan future projects with them!” – Mike Wegner, BYUI


Brigham Young University–Idaho (BYUI) is a private university in Rexburg, Idaho. Founded in 1888, the university is owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and offers 87 Bachelor’s Degree options for their enrolled 34,000 on-campus and 15,000 online students.


Challenge 1: Case Tracking

BYUI needed an application that could manage disciplinary cases for instructors with the ability to build-out and track these cases to provide better course management and feedback practices.

Challenge 2: Survey and Performance Report Process Migration

BYUI was creating business processes with Qualtrics surveys and Google Sheets and needed a way to migrate these processes and integrate the surveys into their CRM.

Challenge 3: Project Takeover

The development of the D365 App began with a different partner and JourneyTEAM stepped-in for them shortly after the project was started. This added additional challenges of understanding and building off what had already been created that had to be overcome for a successful implementation.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 App

After evaluating the expected outcomes from BYUI and the work that had already been started, JourneyTEAM was able to leverage Dynamics 365, Power Automate, Microsoft Forms, out-of-the-box Cases and an embedded Canvas App to reach the client’s goals.

Our ERP director encourages you to get ready for the year end closing. We guide you through it.


With the implementation of the Dynamics 365 App, and support Microsoft applications, BYUI was able to gain:

  • Mature and evolving business processes: The D365 App gives BYUI a way to report and track cases, perform pre-semester checklist surveys, and effectively manage course feedback. These processes were created to adapt to the growing needs of BYUI and is a solution that they will be able to build on for future needs.

  • Organized accessible performance data: The D365 app eliminates the static data that BYUI was using before for their business processes. With the integration of Qualtrics, data received from surveys on instructor performance, case statuses and other metrics are all organized as accessible data in a live environment. This actionable data can be used for real-time reporting and analytics.

  • Unified stakeholders: Through effective communication of needs, expectations and successes, the results of implementing the D365 App provided BYUI’s stakeholders with a unified vision enabling success for the project and the potential for future adoption of Microsoft’s software solutions.

Length of Project: 9 months

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