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A Customized CRM Solution
for a Customized Real Estate Experience

Real estate innovator Homie adopts Microsoft Dynamics 365 to boost lead conversion and streamline sales processes.

“We really enjoyed working with and learning from JourneyTEAM. I appreciated that I could step-back and leave the project in the hands of capable people.” – Mike DeGroot, Homie


Since 2015, Homie has disrupted the real estate process throughout the Mountain West by combining technology, innovative software and expert customer service to make the process of getting a home loan and buying or selling a home quick and easy.


Challenge 1: Automating the Sales Process

Much of Homie’s success stems from its ability for sales representatives to effectively work with customers. Homie needed a way to automate as much of the sales process as possible, so that their agents could focus solely on the customer. They were using a myriad of tools (homegrown, spreadsheets, and paper) to manage the incoming sales requests.

Challenge 2: Lead Follow-Up

Homie has seen considerable success in lead generation and constantly pulls in a variety of leads. Homie needed a way to better categorize and work every type of lead they receive, from cold leads to hot referrals, all while having effective communication among different customer journeys. These leads could be for interest in buying a home, listing a home to sell, or for obtaining a home loan.

Challenge 3: System Integrations and Custom Features

Homie utilizes many software and technology tools to help with their business processes and needed a solution that would seamlessly integrate with their current systems.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Working closely with Homie’s in-house development team, JourneyTEAM was able to design and create a fully customized version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales to meet Homie’s personalized business needs. This software solution allowed for seamless integrations between the various systems that Homie used (such as Click Dimensions for marketing) and provided a platform for customization, making it the ideal CRM solution. They created a unique “Tour” process that worked with requests from their website from buyers to find, route and assign to their buying agents.

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With the implementation of the highly customized Dynamics 365 for Sales, Homie was able to gain:

A fully automated sales process: D365 for Sales allows Homie to automate much of the sales process, freeing up time and resources for agents to focus exclusively on sales and the customer.

No lead left behind: Every lead that flows through the CRM now gets assigned to a specific team and agent based on predetermined criteria. With the variety and amount of leads that Homie receives, they now have a way to ensure none of them will get missed.

Precise customer communication: With the integration of Click Dimensions, JourneyTEAM was able to help Homie create customer journeys for every type of customer. Homie now has a strategic method to effectively communicate to customers at every part of their journey, even notifying former customers about additional services.

Client Testimonial

“We really enjoyed working with and learning from JourneyTEAM. I appreciated that I could step-back and leave the project in the hands of capable people.” – Mike DeGroot, Homie

Length of project: 5 months

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