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Solving Healthcare Staffing Issues with CRM

Integritas Emergency Physician Services uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI to provide innovative staffing solutions.

“We now have an amazing level of confidence that we can continue to grow and adapt our system to match our company’s growth and change in the years to come.” – Caleb Sutton, Integritas Emergency Physician Services


Founded in 2013, Integritas Emergency Physician Services is an Illinois-based medical group that provides personalized staffing solutions for hospitals, clinics and physicians, providing stability for healthcare providers and support for clients. Integritas partnered with JourneyTEAM to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) software solution.


Challenge 1: Medical Provider Management

  • Integritas works closely with emergency rooms, hospitals and other smaller medical clinics to staff physicians and needed a way to better manage their contracts, credentials and licensing, pay, performance and interactions with clients.

Challenge 2: Lead Tracking and Client Management

  • Integritas needed a better method of tracking leads on physician recruitment and managing the contracts, customer service cases and communication with clients.

Challenge 3: Analytics and Integrations

  • Integritas also needed a way to view performance metrics and other data to have better insights on business processes. The new CRM also needed to have integrations to other software that Integritas uses for scheduling and time management.


Microsoft Power App Portal with Power BI

  • CRM solution using D365 for Sales tailored to their business needs. Custom entities and forms made it possible to solve the challenges of the project, while an integration with Microsoft Power BI allowed for precise analytics, insights and reporting. Integritas’ team was also trained to maintain and build on the platform. Microsoft Power Automate made it possible to integrate the systems together and connect them to the company’s SharePoint, creating a customized and personalized CRM software solution.

Our ERP director encourages you to get ready for the year end closing. We guide you through it.


With the implementation of the Dynamics 365 App, and support Microsoft applications, Integritas was able to gain:

A software solution for managing providers: D365 for Sales created a way for Integritas to better manage the different contracts, credentials and licensing, pay, performance and interactions of physicians, providing them with an improved ability to meet the needs of the providers.

Enhanced lead tracking and efficient client management: D365 allows Integritas to have better capture and follow-up of leads which has led to an increase in productivity and sales. Clients can now be managed in a more organized way, leading to better communication and client relations.

Valuable insights, analytics and integrations: With integrations to Power BI, Integritas now has access to customized dashboards that give insights and analytics of performance metrics. D365 was able to integrate with QGenda, Integritas’ system of scheduling, leading to a single, unified CRM system.

Client Testimonial:

“When we started our relationship with JourneyTEAM, we knew virtually nothing about CRM and ERP. JourneyTEAM not only worked hard to understand our business model and deliver the various projects we requested to our satisfaction, but they also followed the ‘teach a man to fish’ expression and spent hours patiently training our staff to use the system and continually improve the system with customizations. We now have an amazing level of confidence that we can continue to grow and adapt our system to match our company’s growth and change in the years to come. JourneyTEAM fit very well with our company culture in terms of their integrity, good humor and responsiveness. Following nearly a year of working with them, it is sometimes easy to forget we work for different companies. We are very grateful for our relationship with JourneyTEAM and are looking forward to maintaining it in years to come.” 

– Caleb Sutton, Integritas Emergency Physician Services 

Length of Project: 14 months

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