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Large Medical University
Improves Office 365 Tenant

JourneyTEAM Office 365 Assessment Helps Medical University Identify Gaps, Security Flaws, Costs Savings, and Areas of Improvement.



JourneyTEAM did an initial overview assessment of client's Office 365 tenant . Client needed help with identifying gaps, security flaws, and areas of improvement. 

Client then decided to do a deeper assessment in advance of a major Azure domain progression. JourneyTEAM outlined the framework, the depth, and the length of the project around their defined parameters. The information provided in this Office 365 assessment gave the client:

  • In-depth view of their security framework and gaps

  • Deeper insight into their data points

  • Cost savings areas

  • An path moving forward for successful project completion

Our ERP director encourages you to get ready for the year end closing. We guide you through it.


JourneyTEAM acted as a 3rd party consultant to give them a guided strategic view moving forward. This client was subject to HIPAA and we validated the work their team did internally and set up a strategic compliance framework moving forward.


Client had a short time frame (6 months) for the assessment and migration. JourneyTEAM quickly met with client, defined parameters, and completed their checklist of items in a short — 45 days. Client has since chosen to work on a variety of other projects implementing and improving their digital transformation with Microsoft solutions.

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