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Leveraging the Microsoft Stack

Swinerton Renewable Energy uses Microsoft Power App Portal and Power BI for a uniquely modern customer portal experience.

“I want to thank JourneyTEAM for the hard work that they have put in these past few months.  I am impressed with how well they got up to speed and how well they worked with Swinerton to get the Proof-of-Concept Portal up and running. I look forward to working with them again in the future!” – Brad Holt, Swinerton Renewable Energy


Swinerton Renewable Energy (SRE) was formed in 2008 as part of the Swinerton Builders company to bring better energy solutions to their partners and greater opportunities to communities throughout North America, having built over 5 GW of renewable energy projects.


Challenge 1: Portal Creation and Branding

SRE needed a customer portal that would provide self-service capabilities for their external clients. This portal needed important security criteria to keep the customer’s information safe, all while keeping consistent with the company’s branding.

Challenge 2: Reporting

SRE wanted a way to modernize the reporting process for external customers by providing them with the most accurate and up-to-date analytics possible.

Challenge 3: Scalability

The software solution needed to be scalable, so that it could be deployed to all current customers and grow with SRE’s expanding client and project lists.


Microsoft Power App Portal with Power BI

Drawing on experience that spans the Microsoft stack, JourneyTEAM team members were able to create a nuanced case of Microsoft Power BI and embed that into a customer portal, resulting in a unique customer portal experience. The Microsoft Power Platform, Azure infrastructure, Power BI and Liquid Tags were all leveraged to create a one-of a kind portal experience.

Our ERP director encourages you to get ready for the year end closing. We guide you through it.


With the implementation of the Power App Portal and Power BI, Swinerton Renewable Energy was able to gain:

  • A uniquely branded and secure customer portal experience: Azure B2C was configured around the customer sign-in experience to match SRE’s branding. Following best practices, portal security was built allowing SRE’s clients to know that the information in the customer portal is safe and secure.

  • Accurate and Reliable reporting: With Power BI embedded into the customer portal, SRE’s clients have access to accurate and up-to-date analytics, modernizing the process of report building.

  • A scalable software solution: The software solution that was implemented for SRE is one that can scale with the customer. As SRE’s client base grows, they have a customer portal experience that can be seamlessly implemented.

Length of project: 2 months

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