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Data architecture can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Collaborate with a team of data engineers to easily amplify your data into insights using the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform.

Up to 73% of data businesses collect is unused. Why not turn that lead into gold?

Leveraging the Azure data ecosystem, build solutions that trim costs while maximizing your business objectives. JourneyTEAM provides data consulting and architecture, solution scoping and implementation, and support to create a system tailored to your organization to improve business decisions.

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Data Collected by Enterprise Organizations

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How Data Engineering with JourneyTEAM Works

With a complete data engineering team with over 90 years of combined experience, here’s a quick overview of the process.

Step 1

Discovery and

Will an Azure migration be of value to your business? We'll discuss this and  other business needs and calculate if it’s worth the investment.

Step 2

Scoping for Your Project
We'll discuss issues, potential solutions, and the goals and outcomes you're looking for.

Step 3

Estimate and Review
Together we'll map out an estimate, answer any questions, and make necessary adjustments.

Step 4

Kickoff and Implementation
We'll kickoff the project  implementation, with check-ins and ongoing support along the way.

Contact JourneyTEAM to get started.

Want to Supercharge
Your Analytics? 

A well-defined data strategy aligns business information with objectives to drive better decision-making and gain powerful insights.


Why Choose Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform?

If you’re already utilizing (or considering) Microsoft Azure data services within your organization, here are some major benefits to consider:

Easily integrate with multiple Microsoft services to create a cohesive data ecosystem

data lake vs data warehouse vs data lakehouse

Use Cases for the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform:

How these industries leaped over the pitfalls of digital transformation failure, and what that means to you:

Beer Maker in Brewery

Manufacturers gain insights into supply chain and inventory to better anticipate customer behavior and improve shipping times

medical professionals look at an image

Healthcare organizations are able to analyze patient data and improve patient outcomes

technology shows financial numbers

Financial Services companies detect fraud and improve risk management

Want the Fast Track?

 Leverage the power of Microsoft Azure’s best-in-class technologies – FAST.

Data Lakehouse Fast Track Flyer leverage the power of Microsoft Azure
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What's the best data engineering solution look like for your business?

Schedule some time with us to build an optimized plan for you.

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