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Endpoint Security Assessment

Unlock the untapped potential of your device management strategy, and enlist proactive threat mitigation with JourneyTEAM's comprehensive Endpoint Security Assessment.

Endpoint and Device Management Forrester Report ROI

Streamline Secure Access to Empower Your Users

This assessment addresses pain points such as general breach concerns, complexity and integration challenges, user experience and productivity issues, mobile device management complexities, and data backup and recovery practices. JourneyTEAM Microsoft 365 specialists identify gaps in your tenant and make needed recommendations, helping you create a roadmap to sustainable security.

Outcomes Gained From This Assessment:

Intelligent Identity

General Security Enhancements

  • Our assessment dives deep into your current security measures and identifies vulnerabilities that might put your data and resources at risk.

  • By leveraging our expertise in endpoint security, we help you implement robust measures to safeguard your sensitive information.

Secure Identity Mangement

Compliance Readiness

  • Staying compliant with industry regulations and standards is crucial in today's business landscape.

  • Our assessment ensures that your device management strategy aligns with the specific requirements within your industry.

Single Sign On Identity

User Experience Enhancement

  • User satisfaction and productivity are directly impacted by the improved usability of your device management solutions.

Microsoft Endpoint and Device Management Key Results

How the Assessment Works


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First, we analyze your Endpoint environment to understand current configurations and identify vulnerabilities 

See how one financial services organization partnered with JourneyTEAM for an Endpoint security assessment to uncover risks, enhance security protections, and optimize processes.

Endpoint Device Management Assessment Use Case JourneyTEAM Microsoft Partner


We are your experienced partner that can improve productivity and enhance your technology business solutions.Contact us to get the journey started.

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