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Exchange Security Assessment

Fortify your email systems against potential threats and safeguard your business-critical information with the Exchange Security Assessment.

Suspicious activity in Exchange
Exchange Online Security Assessment_JourneyTEAM

Fortify Your Email data. Protect Your People. Safeguard Your Business.

If your organization relies on Exchange Online or is planning to migrate from on-premises Exchange to Exchange Online, this assessment will equip you with the security enhancements your organization is looking for. Our Microsoft 365 specialists will evaluate your security gaps within Exchange and provide customized recommendations.

Outcomes Gained From This Assessment:

Intelligent Identity

Password Breach Prevention

This assessment provides you with strategies and tools to prevent password-related security breaches, ensuring the integrity of your email accounts. This includes:

  • Implementation of multi-factor authentication

  • Password policy recommendations

  • User education on password security best practices

Secure Identity Mangement

Mitigated Business Email Compromise

Our assessment equips you with strategies to counter a range of email-based threats, including phishing attempts, malware, spoofing, viruses, and more. By implementing our recommendations, you can:

  • Strengthen your organization's defenses against email threats

  • Safeguard sensitive data and confidential information

  • Enhance user awareness and preparedness

How the Assessment Works


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First, we analyze your Exchange Online environment to understand current configurations and identify vulnerabilities 

See how one financial services organization partnered with JourneyTEAM for a device management assessment to uncover risks, enhance security protections, and optimize processes.

Exchange Online Security Assessment PDF Cover


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