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Business Process Map: 2-Day Workshop

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We provide you with a 2-day Business Process Mapping and Dynamics 365 workshop.

We will help you align your people, processes, and technology to help you achieve better business performance, and leapfrog your competition.

Your business strategy is key to long-term success and JourneyTEAM's senior advisors will provide you with a detailed roadmap for the future.

Business Process Map: 2-Day Workshop

Details of the Business Process review include:

  • An open and detailed discussion on company and department needs.

  • Mapping out your business needs to Dynamics 365 Features.

  • Discussion of your business process and how functionality of Dynamics 365 can be used to meet requirements outlined during the business process review.

  • Putting together a “Stepping Stone” Roadmap Plan.

  • A mapping of Process Requirements to Dynamics 365 Features and Functionality.

  • Creating Written Documentation Outline.


You will need to define your current business processes and needs.


Day 1

  • We will go over your current business process and department needs.

  • We will see the work in action and go over analytics, details and customer/client engagement.

  • We will introduce Dynamics 365 and align your current process to needs. We will discuss available tools and resources.

Day 2

  • We will put together a JourneyMAP for short and long term goals.

  • We will create a stepping stone process of products and services to be built, released and implemented to your organization.

  • We will go over functionality mapping and create a written document outline of strategies.


  • Some costs may be additional. Travel and accommodations are not included.



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