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Driving Data Quality

Quality CRM data management with JourneyTEAM

Your CRM program is just as strong as the data it produces, and data quality is crucial for CRM performance.

If you want to boost the accuracy of your CRM data by deleting duplicates, encoding, validating, checking, or enriching it, our DQ Suite of Software will help you achieve a reliable Single Customer View or Master Golden Record.

Typical challenges with CRM data quality:

  • Out of the box data quality tools are insufficient

  • Difficulty measuring the extent of the problem

  • Lack of resource, time, money, knowledge

  • Managing and maintaining data quality

  • Defining what good data quality looks like

  • Incomplete, inconsistent, invalid or poorly formatted data

Driving Data Quality

What are the benefits of Data Quality?

Improving CRM data quality will help:

  • Provide a unified view of data

  • Boost efficiency and effectiveness

  • Improve staff morale

  • Enhance customer relationships

  • Provide data more readily available for analysis

  • Provide a competitive advantage thanks to its leaner, more agile approach

  • Facilitate good quality decision making, fueled by accurate reporting

  • Prevent the development of costly workarounds

  • Enhance confidence in data

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

The best way to learn more about how our solutions can help is to let us know more about your data challenge.

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Cost: Basic implementation starts at $7,995, additional customization available at an hourly rate.


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