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Time + Cost Savings & Increased Productivity


Kelly Roofing deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to modernize its accounting and resource management capabilities. The company realized time and cost savings and has increased the productivity of its employees

Nucleus found that Business Central’s workflows and analytics capabilities have enabled Kelly Roofing to process more financial data and create reports more quickly than its previous solution. Since deploying Business Central, Kelly Roofing has implemented profitability analysis for each of its business units and reduced the amount of working capital it requires each year.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Case Studies - JourneyTEAM

Key Benefit Areas

Kelly Roofing’s implementation process did not require a large upfront investment, and thus led to a short payback period. Key benefit areas seen as a result of the Business Central deployment include:

ELIMINATED COSTS. After going live on Business Central, Kelly Roofing was able to retire its deployment of QuickBooks Enterprise and eliminate its cost from the books. The company was also able to redeploy resources away from data entry and legacy process support to more valuable human resources work.

▪ INCREASED USER PRODUCTIVITY. Kelly Roofing has realized time savings with Business Central’s prebuilt workflows and automated capabilities. The company’s accountants can collaborate with other departments and deliver more reports with higher accuracy than they could with the legacy deployment of QuickBooks.

REDUCTION IN WORKING CAPITAL. Because Kelly Roofing has more granular visibility into its financial data, project managers have been able to identify operating and material costs that were previously hidden from the budget and forecast. The more accurate job estimates have enabled the company to carry less inventory while maintaining short completion times.

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