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Foundational Identity Analysis

Core Evaluation of Microsoft 365 Identity and Security Essentials

Ensure That Key Identity Components and Frameworks are in Place Before You Deploy Microsoft Cloud Services

"I’m so glad we had JourneyTeam perform their Foundational Identity Analysis (FDA) for our O365 environment! What I thought would be just an overview turned into a full analysis of our setup and security. Their team was very thorough in their investigation and their recommendations were welcomed as they provided best practices and security recommendations to improve the security and sustainability of our infrastructure. I  highly recommend this offering to everyone!" 

–Jon Shurtliff, Director of Technology, Oakdell Egg Farms

This Foundational Identity Analysis is a core evaluation of an environment’s identity landscape.  Upon completion of the analysis, JourneyTEAM will provide the you with recommendations on steps to best manage and secure your users' identities in Azure AD.

Foundational Identity Analysis LI

Analysis Details

Foundational Identity Elements reviewed in this analysis:

  • Cloud Environment(s)

  • User and Admin Access

  • Current Security Landscape

Foundational Identity Analysis Deliverables (where applicable):

  • Current State of Identity and Access Components

  • Cloud Migration Risks/Considerations

  • Project Implementation Risks/Considerations


  • Client Identity Discovery Meeting

  • Tenant Identity and Security Evaluation

  • Review Key Results and Recommendations

Cost: $3,000.00

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Additional Workshops Available:

  • Microsoft 365 Identity Deep Dive

  • Microsoft 365 Security

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft 365 Compliance

  • End-point Management


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