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Information Architecture& Microsoft 365

Information Architecture is about creating and managing the process to get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time. It means helping people share and act on information in order to improve organizational performance.  At JourneyTEAM, we tackle the adoption of Microsoft 365 from the position of Business Consultants and Information Architects. It is through our experience that we have identified consistently: without this approach, most Content & Collaboration Solutions will fail.


Microsoft 365 provides an array of Individual tools that can be shared in collaboration. Team members can store documents within individual OneDrive cloud storage, and share those files with other members of the organization through Teams 1:1 chat, email or share links. This is often what users with “poor” knowledge management experience call collaboration and those limitations are often reflected in other cloud solutions. Architecture collaboration goes way beyond this.

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Information Architecture Map

Organizational Content & Communication (Intranet) 

If a new employee started tomorrow, could they find the information they need to accomplish their jobs effectively? If the answer is no, then we have failed to implement an effective Intranet. Formal organization content and communications should be centralized in a single location. This provides clarity on where corporate approved content is located and proving a single source of authority. It ensures that communication is funneled through the proper means and branding.  This also is a location where most organizations promote the use of other systems and information to team members.

Ad-hoc Conversations

Not all collaboration requires a formal group to be created. Luckily for us we have Microsoft Teams, and users can create Group Chats. Chats that are secured to its members provide for file sharing through the interface using OneDrive on the backend. When this is not sufficient, the group requires more tooling. JourneyTEAM knows how to create great collaboration groups.

Collaboration Groups

When we work with organizations, we like to break down collaboration groups into Group Types. Group Types are what we use to do file servers and assign unique drive letters. These drive letters represent a different permission set or use. The same need is required within Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. There is a big difference between the Mountain Bike Community and the External Workspace where we might be collaborating with a vendor or partner. For instance, we might want to allow external guest access in an external workspace but we certainly don’t want to allow the same access in HR’s department Team Site. 365 Groups are at the center of this world, allowing us to have a single permission membership group that grants access to SharePoint Team Sites, Teams, Planner and more.

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