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What This Assessment Is, and What It Does

The Maturity Model Assessment is a method to assess your organization’s operational maturity and create a plan to develop and implement more mature business processes using technology. It tells you the current state of your processes, gives you a roadmap to maturity, and provides you with the knowledge of tools and applications to get there.

Why do a Maturity Model Assessment?

  • The assessment will focus on common and specific areas of business processes and evaluate the functionality of departmental workstreams.

  • The maturity of each process will then be categorized into one of five levels and a plan will be developed to help your processes reach the next level of maturity.

  • We begin by understanding and creating a map of your organization’s ecosystem and identifying specific areas of focus.

Why do a businesses need a Maturity Model Assessment?

  • Every business reaches plateaus where they can no longer maintain or achieve better results with their current approach and processes.

  • Before you can successfully implement and adopt new business processes, you must first have a working understanding of where you are at.

How is the assessment executed?

The assessment focuses on common and specific areas of business processes and evaluate the functionality of departmental workstreams.

TIME: This assessment will take approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on your organization.


You will receive:

1. A detailed mapping of your organization’s ecosystem

2. An evaluation on the state of your business processes, and

3. A detailed plan on how to reach your goals for successful process maturity.

COST: $10,000

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