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Are you stuck in cycles of poor communication? 

Lost in a sea of company information?

Feeling disjointed within your company organization?

Answer: The Best Intranet for Your Organization

Communicate clearly. Find everything you need, when you need it. Create a cohesive base for everyone inside your organization.

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World-Class Intranet

Exactly What You Want in an Intranet

JourneyTEAM has packages and customized webparts tailored perfectly to your organization. Get guildance through implementation and get everyone trained on best-use.

1. Custom Theme

2. Side Design: Template for all intranet sites.

3. SharePoint Sites: Built with related mega menu navigation

4. OOB Webparts

5. Content Owner Training

6. Customized Webparts, including our Wolrld-Class Employee Directory


JourneyTEAM is a Microsoft Gold Partner and is the US Partner of the Year for two years running. Let’s talk about our packages and custom SharePoint development and configurations for your organization.

Intranet pricing starts at $5,000

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“It’s important to us that we are keeping our employees aware of our objectives and key results. We use our intranet to keep our progress front and center. If everyone knows how the company is doing, they are more likely participate, contribute with goals, and with how they are working.” ––Gen Miner, Sr. Manager of Employee Experience (HR) at Young Living

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