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2021 Release Wave 2: Dynamics 365 Field Service Updates

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

November 15, 2021

Microsoft has adopted a twice a year deployment plan for their business applications. The 2021 release wave 2 will roll out between October 2021 and March 2022.

This is the 3rd blog of a series covering the changes in Dynamics 365 CRM family of products that will affect the clients we work with. This is based off Microsoft’s documented plans so some features may not be available yet or may not be released at all. For a comprehensive list look at Check out blog 1: Dynamics 365 Marketing Updates and Blog 2: Dynamics 365 Sales Updates.

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What's New with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Mobile App Usability Enhancements

Field service organizations have a great need for technicians to be able to capture and enter data while on site working on a piece of equipment. With the enhancements to the mobile application, it will be easier for these technicians to understand their work and to enter the data required by the business. One of the enhancements that will increase productivity is the ability to add up to three custom fields to the booking calendar control. This will allow organizations to customize this view to provide more data and technicians can see at a glance, important information about the service call.

Engage End-Customers

Scheduling service calls can sometimes feel like an intricate dance with the need to accommodate end-customer schedules, technician abilities, inventory on a truck, and group appointments together to minimize travel time and expense. By allowing customers to schedule their own appointments from available times so the organization can focus on the things that they can control and allow the customer to choose a time that is convenient for them. This will lead to less time and expense spent on scheduling the initial appointment and fewer missed or rebooked appointments.

Nothing is more frustrating than investing in technology that doesn’t meet your business's unique goals. At JourneyTEAM, we’ve created an agile process that takes full advantage of Microsoft’s robust and flexible products. From improving sales and marketing processes to customer service and finance, JourneyTEAM’s end-to-end solutions and seamless process ensure technology supports rather than hinders your business goals. For guidance in all the latest on Microsoft Dynamics 365, contact the experts here at JourneyTEAM.


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