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Financial Services Lender Migrates to CRM Online for Improved Access and Security

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Learn how a financial client overcame limited user access and data restrictions by moving to an online solution.

This financial company’s CRM system utilized Dynamics 365 Sales. Their solution was mainly used to track customer sales, specifically tracking the lender/borrower history. Our client wanted to more efficiently track that information to easily create automated loans for their customers. They also wanted their CRM to better distribute sales lead information and more safely store their client data.

Being on-prem limited user access and data could not be shared efficiently with remote employees. Because they only had one system that was physically onsite for their business, important data was also not as secure as would be in the cloud. The client needed easier access to loan and sales information to thereby be able to generate sales quotes faster.

Moving online, or to the Cloud, would allow the scalable growth options this client desired as well as better help them serve their customer base.

Dynamics 365 Sales for Lead Tracking

By migrating this client's CRM to the cloud, they would be able to generate sales quotes faster, as well as more easily access their sales and customer information. This migration would also allow for systems to better communicate with and update one another, in addition to more evenly distributing and assigning potential sales leads. It would also allow this financial company to have a highly functioning CRM solution as online systems more easily update when updates are released from Microsoft.

They would also be able to access data more readily—from any location—which results in fewer manual processes and lengthy data gathering processes. Having their CRM online saves their business valuable resources by making information accessible, and automatically communicating needed sales information from one system to the other, without requiring a user to manually input or transfer the data.

In addition, this financial firm can now accurately store and quickly create customer loans and other important client data from their stored information. Having their data online simplifies the user experience, which leads to hassle-free customer interactions. More loans can be generated faster, and the company can scale to new potential. Being in the Cloud also allowed greater security practices and ensures their data is safe long-term.

Make the Switch from Dynamics 365 to the Cloud

Moving their CRM solution to the cloud with the help of JourneyTEAM required an extensive coded solution and knowledge transfer. JourneyTEAM developers provided training and workshops for this business’s internal technology team for efficiency in using the expanded cloud solution.

Moving from on-premise to the Cloud requires analyzing many parts of your systems and process. JourneyTEAM can help you decide if migration from one physical system to the Cloud is a good fit for your business, and help you make the switch.

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