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A Microsoft 365 Tenant Merger for a Simplified User Experience

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

A manufacturer needed to combine its two separate tenants to improve the user experience and cut costs.

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This manufacturer previously had two Microsoft 365 tenants. These tenants were in different countries, which complicated user access and limited proper communication between team members. Because most users were operating in one of the two tenants/locations, they decided to consolidate to a single tenant, which would simplify the user experience, improve user access, authentication, and communication.

Benefits of a Microsoft 365 Tenant Merger

The company relied on the support from JourneyTEAM cloud specialists during their Microsoft 365 merger. The process mostly consisted of merging their Exchange Online technologies as most of their communication and information was stored in Outlook. JourneyTEAM offered continued adoption and training on how to use the new consolidated tenant.

Once completed, users could more easily access their email and other communications from a single window. Additionally, the merger simplified the authentication process, enabling users to access their accounts more quickly. By simplifying access, users no longer needed to navigate between two disparate tenants to communicate with fellow colleagues, customers, or partners. The merger also reduced costs as the manufacturer now only pays for one tenant.

Preparing for a Merger?

Tenant mergers or acquisitions greatly improve your user experience while saving your business excessive operational costs. Whether it’s merging an on-prem to a cloud scenario or two cloud tenants, contact JourneyTEAM specialists for expert support.



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