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A Unique CRM Solution to Manage and Track Donor Data

Updated: Mar 25

By implementing Dynamics 365 along with other Microsoft tools, Hope Media Group can better manage its donor data, target its audiences effectively, and simplify its user platform to better make informed business decisions.

Hope Media Group (HMG) is a family of brands that serve to connect people in Houston and around the world more deeply to God through radio, events, online content, and mobile apps. Their family of brands reaches over 2 million people each month and includes KSBJ Radio, NGEN Radio, Vida Unida, HOPE ON DEMAND, Special Events, and AMEN: The Prayer App.  JourneyTEAM worked under the direction of Hope Media Group to build a secure Donor/user platform for all of their brands.

The Challenges

Challenge 1: Donor Management Portal

Hope Media Group interacts with many selfless donors and their old donation platform was no longer meeting their needs from  a scalability, data, and reporting standpoint.  HMG developers needed to be able to easily access and sort this information from a user platform on the back-end in order to make important data-driven decisions.

Challenge 2: A Single Organized Data Source

Another obstacle Hope Media Group was facing was their data was housed in many different locations with no consolidated views of their donor information across their platform.  This made it hard to evaluate the data gathered and easily view the data tied to those donating. In addition, scattered data led to manual and tedious market engagements, with no ability for the marketing department to really leverage skill sets, target the correct audiences/donors, and complicated their outreach for future fundraising activities.

Challenge 3: Recording and Tracking Donations

Hope Media Group was struggling to properly manage all of the customer info from those who would donate, volunteer, request prayer, or participate in events. Info gathered from donors and listeners needed to be well tracked and organized to get to the right knowledge platform. Better tracking of these interactions would help these tasks get completed, as well as help HMG have better insight into their listening/donating patterns.

customer data

The Solution: Dynamics 365 CRM paired with Power BI

JourneyTEAM Architects worked closely with HMG’s team to implement several features in Dynamics 365, Power BI, and complex integration with Charity Engine, a new donor portal, and payment gateway. By implementing these Microsoft technologies, Hope Media Group now has fewer platforms to manage, and greatly improved integrational platforms that communicate with, and update each other. Finding and piloting this portal solution would lead to simplified, user-friendly business processes to better keep track of and easily access Hope Media Group's large amounts of data.

Final Outcomes

With the Implementation of Dynamics 365, KSBJ and Hope Media Group improved many of their business processes by:

Migration to a Unified Platform for Efficient Donor Management

Hope Media Group now had fully integrated and unified donor management, donor portal, and reporting of data across their organization to be able to make quicker and better-informed decisions. In order to accomplish this, current and historical contact, activity, and payment data were migrated from Allegiance to Dynamics 365, while also importing additional data to consolidate the donor information from the contact and household viewpoint.  A Gravity forms integration was leveraged with WooCommerce to bring in website form captures, and website orders into D365. They now have one source of truth for all donor information which improved collaboration between departments, and Increased efficiencies that allow for more donor/listener facing interactions.

Successfully Targeted Audiences Based on Visual Data

Visual Analytics of donor history and interactions are now at HMG’s fingertips in Power BI to help track and evaluate their data. In addition to that, Dynamics 365 Marketing is now utilized to enable the radio stations' marketing team to leverage data dynamically across their entire organization to build segments and customer journeys, and deploy unified marketing initiatives. Additionally, fundraising and donor management have become scalable and unified.

Donor/Listener Organization

To best keep track of donations, prayer requests, and customer surveys, individual custom model-driven apps were also created for each item. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice was used to manage and sort the survey responses in one of these built apps. These customized apps led to reduced manual work, duplicate time entries, better documentation, and a better 360-degree view of customer interactions that can easily be evaluated all in one place.

Customer Testimonial

"JourneyTEAM has been instrumental in Hope Media Group’s journey to create a better experience for our customers. Before implementing Microsoft Dynamics, our customer data lived in 30+ systems. Each department managed its portion of the relationship independently. With the implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing, we now have a centralized customer database, an aligned communication plan, and one master record per customer. We have transitioned our customer experience from popcorn interactions to strategic customer journeys."

- Christina Jones, Director at Hope Media Group

JourneyTEAM can help you best understand your data, and make data-driven decisions to improve your business. Please contact a representative today!


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