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Automobile Manufacturer Sees Major Benefits From Dynamics 365 Business Central Sherpa Program

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Learn how one company provided their entire company with powerful data insights to drive accounting efficiency.

car mechanic

A small car part manufacturer was struggling to keep track of their product inventory and cost. They needed to deploy Dynamics 365 Business Central to better manage their product lifecycle and gain powerful accounting insights.

This manufacturer has several locations in Europe as well as few in the United States. The company had migrated their European chain to Dynamics 365 Business Central, but wanted to do the same with their US distributors in order to provide them with powerful data insights. This organization sought an accounting solution that could house all their data in one centralized location. They also wanted to view data for each location in a consistent, organized way as. this would simplify the life of the user while making data easier to understand.

In addition to being able to track accounting data more efficiently, Dynamics 365 Business Central could track their entire product lifecycle and give insights into inventory management. This would provide the organization with behind-the-scenes insights that are broken down by dimensions which would improve their supply chain and production processes.

JourneyTEAM’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Sherpa

The manufacturer enrolled in JourneyTEAM’s Business Central Sherpa program where they learned how to quickly adopt Business Central. Because the company has a lot of capable IT resources on-hand, their internal team was able to do most of the heavy lifting while JourneyTEAM offered necessary training to ensure smooth implementation. Additionally, the company entered into an ongoing support contract to ensure the company could get the most from Business Central.

After implementation, the manufacturer gained insights into accounting analytics that allowed them to get ahead of their competitors. For example, they can view data trends and make necessary adjustments to their products so they can better manage their product assembly and supply chain operations. Dynamics 365 Business Central shows this manufacturer the powerful data they want to see, all in one, user-friendly location. With JourneyTEAM’s quick implementation approach, the company was able to adopt this system quickly and with the right amount of support.

Contact a JourneyTEAM representative today to find out what Dynamics 365 Business Central can do for your business.


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