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The Benefits of Having a Project Manager

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Although some may say paying to hire a project manager is not a cost they want to incur, see these 5 advantages of hiring a project manager and how these advantages outweigh the cost.

Here are some of the advantages that a project manager contributes to the company:

1. Scheduling: This specialist has access to their entire teams’ schedules and can coordinate and schedule meetings as needed. This saves time. What would have taken each person coordinating with all parties, the project manager becomes the source point of communication. When trying to coordinate with multiple parties, days or weeks can go by before a time is identified and locked in. A project manager can reduce that time by being the scheduler for project meetings.

2. Budget: One of the project managers main jobs is to monitor and hold the project team to stay within the budget allotted for the project. When dealing just with project architects and developers, as much as they will try to stay under budget, they do not control it as often as their main task is the creation and growing of the venture. Hiring a project manager to support in monitoring that budget will help the team prioritize and maximize their time on a task, so they do not waste time. On projects without a project manager, teams often find themselves going over budget as they do not monitor the hours they have spent on tasks.

3. Scope: One more key aspect of a project manager’s jobs is to monitor and cope with every detail of the plan. It may be super simple to fall into a process where the developers and leaders allow scope creep and modifications to the venture that were outside of a plan. This can lead to additional budget that was not anticipated, plus longer timelines than anticipated. The project manager may help verify that scope creep does not affect major deadlines and priorities together with documenting those modifications appropriately. Fluctuations are not bad but must be addressed and handled appropriately by the project manager.

4. Risks & Issues: One reason many like to hire a project manager to a company is to facilitate dealing with any potential risks or issues that could come up on a plan. Working with someone that can assess those risks, what they may do or cost to the team and aid in identifying the best way to remedy those risks is a main factor to company growth. A project manager supports in managing those risks, so they do not affect deadlines. Many times, risks postpone deadlines because there is not one resource dedicated to tackling those obstacles.

5. Efficiency & Management: Project managers deal directly with the project crew to outline responsibilities and guarantee that those jobs are the taking the plan in the correct direction. Often not managed by a project manager, responsibilities are divided too early or they are not relevant for the immediate requirements of the plan. This leads to duplicating work, increased expenses, and sometime additional work needed.

You can see from all 5 of these points there are many benefits of having a project manager. Most of the time project manager costs are added into a quote and contract, so you know what you are paying for. Having a project manager can be another cost for a project, however, you can save thousands of dollars in the end. Bringing on a project manager will help ensure you come in on time and under budget.


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