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Business Central to Dataverse Integration: How it Benefits Business Teams

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Enhance the power of the Dataverse and Business Central integration with our custom application. Delve deeper into data, build smarter business applications, and much more.

Developing a rich, accurate, and updated data infrastructure is perhaps one of the biggest data challenges facing modern businesses.

With data coming from a variety of sources (CRM and ERP systems, websites, social media, business apps, and more), it’s difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to create a manageable, secure, and scalable data structure.

Many of the companies we at JourneyTEAM work with face this exact challenge. They need a better way to store, access, and manage data in order to build more powerful, intelligent, and cost-effective business applications. Our solution? The Dataverse to Business Central integration.

Why the Business Central to Dataverse Integration

The integration between these two systems unlocks a slew of new data for businesses. Data from Business Central apps, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance and Operations, and more, are available in both systems, enabling users to build custom applications using Power Apps and Dataverse data against Business Central data. The best part? There’s no need for a lengthy or expensive integration process. Data is available immediately.

For businesses, this means:

  • Faster application development. Both beginner and professional developers can quickly build custom applications using data from both systems. The platform also enables user to easily interact with metadata, create custom connectors, apply business logic, and integrate with external data systems.

  • Easier management of business logic and rules. The logic and rules defined in an organization’s existing Dataverse tables are automatically applied to Power Apps. This boosts overall data consistency—regardless of how users are accessing data.

  • Reusing skills across systems. Users who are proficient in creating tables, forms, charts, and reports in Power Apps, Dynamics 365, or other Microsoft solutions will find those same skills useful in the Dataverse environment. With a lower learning curve, teams can spend more time building solutions and accelerating business growth.

The Business Central 365 and Dataverse integration provides organizations with a shared, consistent, and single view of data. No more switching between platforms or sorting through messy, duplicate, or outdated data. Everything needed to build robust, intelligent business applications is available from a single window.

Simplify Integration with JourneyTEAM

Organizations looking to get the most from the Dataverse and Business Central integration will find all the skills and expertise needed at JourneyTEAM. We’ve created a custom application that’s set up within Business Central that not only simplifies management of the integration, but also augments and enhances the capabilities. Watch the video linked previously for a real client example.

With our solution, organizations are able to:

  • Enjoy additional customization of data fields and tables

  • Easily manage large datasets

  • Define and customize parameters for hyperspecific data views

  • Custom map fields and tables to filter out unneeded or unnecessary data

  • Identify key action items through automated Business Central reports

Ready to get started? Contact a JourneyTEAM representative to learn more about our custom application and how we can simplify and streamline the Business Central and Dataverse integration.

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