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Centralize Asset and Field Service Information with Dynamics

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

A growing manufacturer implemented Dynamics 365 Field Service as their CRM solution to gain powerful insights into their asset management.

field service workers

This manufacturer builds and distributes automated bots that make online grocery shopping possible for numerous grocery stores throughout the nation. These bots operate in large warehouses and often need upkeep, repairs, or replacements. The manufacturers’ stakeholders wanted to track asset whereabouts, incidents, and performance to improve the overall scalability of their business.

Dynamics 365 Field Service Report Creation

By implementing Dynamics 365 Field Service, the organization gained crucial insights into its assets. They are now able to track where their assets/bots are, any required maintenance, and how they are performing. Dynamics 365 Field Service provides information to technicians who are making asset repairs or replacements, allowing them to easily track project tasks and progress.

Additionally, there is now a consolidated location for stakeholders to view asset information, performance, and repairs, and create reports that provide actionable data-driven insights on priorities. The organization is now able to efficiently track its assets and operations which has built a foundation for easily adding more assets to successfully scale.

Learn more about the business values gained from Dynamics 365 Field Service by speaking with a JourneyTEAM specialist today.


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