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Direct Sales Leaders: This Is What You're Missing (Critical Data)

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Here's something that doesn't make sense: at your direct sales company, you operate in a data-rich environment.

You have tens of thousands of transactions occurring every week, or even every day.

And yet, there are certain fundamental questions that you can't answer. And this missing data is the key to putting together a sales and recruiting strategy that would massively impact the bottom line.

What Data?

Why does someone sign up to be a distributor? Why does someone make a purchase of your product? How are they feeling about their new business one week in? 4 weeks in?

Why is the average drop-off rate where it is (3 months is the time frame that's often quoted to me).

Many leaders I speak with admit that they cannot even definitively identify the gender of their distributors - which would be massively helpful information. This is one of the easiest pieces of clarifying data that would help you understand the rest of the data you have.

But most direct sales companies are missing some or all of this critical data.

Without it, the best they can do is to make generalizations about what works and what doesn't, and beat the drum louder, hoping that makes people perform better.

But If You Were to Have This Data …

You already know the metrics of success. For example, most companies can identify the tipping point for success. Something like "People who stay in the business for at least X months and have achieved this particular rank achieve success Y% of the time and create a long-term business."

If you had the data that we just finished discussing, you could take the next step.

You could know WHY people sign up. WHY they stay 4 months. WHY they hit that particular rank, including WHY they took each of the steps that got them there.

Then, you could design an approach that was optimized to recruit the people who would do those things, and to then properly guide them to do those things.

How To Get This Data

This is the easy part. JourneyTEAM's One More solution has a conversation with your new distributors as they start their journey.

Operating via text message or instant message, and exuding your brand's personality and promise, One More interacts with each distributor to collect data about how they're performing, and WHY they're performing.

And then it gives that data back to you, so you can see exactly what you need to do to geometrically increase your success.



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