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How to Optimize Sales With the Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

The life of a sales representative can quickly get busy—overwhelming even. With leads flooding in, current customers' needs to attend to, and attracting new customers, it can be difficult for sellers to accomplish everything they need to.

The Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator, which is powered by AI, enables sales teams to focus their selling efforts on the most important leads and opportunities.

Essentially, the tool provides sellers with a more automated, intelligent way to sell. This is done by building a strong and focused pipeline, providing sellers with valuable context, and surfacing smart recommendations via sales sequences. Together, the tools streamline the sales process and enable sellers to close more deals, faster.

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A Look into Sales Accelerator

Sales Accelerator is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Hub and is designed to provide sales teams with an organized, prioritized list of leads and opportunities. With leads carefully organized, sellers can quickly and easily identify top customers to engage with as well as when and how to do so.

Because the solution is part of the Dynamics 365 portfolio, it integrates seamlessly with additional Microsoft tools, including Teams and Power BI. The integration provides sellers with built-in AI-generated insights that enhance sellers’ interactions with potential customers.

With Sales Accelerator, sales teams are able to streamline processes, boost customer engagement, dramatically increase sales productivity, and so much more.

Here’s how:

Efficiently Manage Leads and Opportunities with Customizable Tools and Views

It’s time to say goodbye to that disorganized spreadsheet you’ve been using to keep track of and manage leads. Sales Accelerator organizes data using scoring methods that identify the most promising leads. Scoring is entirely customizable, enabling you to organize leads by the standard hot, medium, and low, by grade, and more.

Once leads are organized, Sales Accelerator presents sellers with next steps via a sales timeline. Sellers can see follow-up actions to complete after initial contact has been made all the way to the end of the sales cycle. This ensures sellers are contacting leads as much as possible, increasing the chance of turning a prospect into an actual customer.

For example, Anna, a remote sales rep, logs into Sales Accelerator where she can automatically see an organized, prioritized list of tasks for each of her prospects. Everything has been consolidated and organized via AI tools, enabling her to quickly see what her latest actions and overdue actions are. This saves her the time of searching for what to work on and instead focus on engaging with customers in the right way, with the right message, at the right time.

Real-Time Visibility into Unmatched Sales Data and Analytics

From sales trends to performance metrics, Sales Accelerator provides robust, in-depth data in sales analytics. Sellers can easily access data and make informed decisions that drive revenue and improve sales strategies.

The solution ensures sellers can easily track progress with a customizable representation of KPIs. Sellers can adjust certain metrics, such as time period or product line, for a closer look into sales metrics. Customer data, including demographics, purchase history, social media use, and more are all readily available, helping sellers to engage with customers more efficiently.

Everything within Sales Accelerator is highly customizable, allowing sellers to analyze and organize the data in a way that’s most beneficial for them.

Communicate and Collaborate with Peers with a Myriad of Tools

Keeping everyone on the same page can be difficult–especially with sellers working on different platforms, in various locations, and with different people. Sales Accelerator unites teams on a single system, enabling everyone to communicate and collaborate in real-time via chat, email, video, and more.

The best part: there’s no need to switch platforms. Everything is available directly within Sales Accelerator. The solution also includes mobile access, enabling sellers to work from anywhere, anytime.

Predictive AI Identifies Opportunities, Changes, and Improvements

To help sellers successfully close more deals, Sales Accelerator features predictive opportunities and lead scores, both of which are powered by AI. The feature considers the region, time frame, competitors, outcome of similar details, estimated revenue, and more to boost sellers’ chances of closing. Sellers and managers are also provided insight into how teams can make improvements to increase their chances of closing successfully.

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Relationship Analytics Provide Valuable Context

Similar to opportunities and lead scores, Sales Accelerator includes AI-generated classification of relationship strength between the seller and the prospective customer. Sellers can see all previous interactions between other sellers and the customer as well as data, statistics, and suggestions on how to improve interactions and relationships. These suggestions are based on interactions that have either failed or succeeded, ensuring the seller doesn’t repeat the same mistake or copy previously successful attempts.

Customizable Configuration Positions Sellers for Success

No seller works the same. Sales Accelerator allows every seller to work in their preferred method via highly customizable tools. These include:

  • Security Roles: App administrators can ensure sellers are only viewing information the pertains directly to them, eliminating distracting or irrelevant information from sellers’ screens. This also helps to keep both seller and customer data completely protected.

  • Sequences: Sales Accelerator’s sequence designer is used to configure activity sequences that help sellers prioritize daily activities, remain productive, and focus on sales activities.

  • Segments: System admins can group both opportunities and leads into groups based on sales attributes. For example, a ‘big deal customer’ segment can be created for deals over $200,000. All deals with this estimated revenue would be stored here for easy access.

Together, these features and capabilities eliminate distractions or low-quality leads, and streamline sales processes and productivity.

Enjoy a More Efficient Way of Managing Your Sales Pipeline

Before Sales Accelerator, sales teams spent too much time identifying and organizing leads to determine which high-quality customers they needed to be reaching out to and when. Sales Accelerator eliminates this need via AI-powered tools and predictive analytics that present the best leads and opportunities in an intelligent workflow.

With in-depth customer details and next steps available from a single screen, sellers can quickly prioritize customer lists, contact leads, and close deals. Essentially, Sales Accelerator enables sellers to do what they do best: make connections and close deals.

For a more in-depth look at Sales Accelerator in action, watch the video ‘How to Use Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator’.

Ready to get started? Contact JourneyTEAM. We’ll help you create a truly tailored Sales Accelerator environment that enables you to streamline sales processes, boost seller confidence, improve the customer experience, and more.


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