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Efficiently Store and Manage Client Information with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft SharePoint

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

When creating new private investment deals, this financial firm needed to streamline its sales process to make quote creation automated.

A Hedge Management fund serving investors all over the United States was limited in its data accessibility and system ease of use. They manage numerous feeder funds and master funds invested in other larger financial firms. Because they keep track of large amounts of client data and investment portfolios, having an organized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and highly functioning processes in place was essential. JourneyTEAM specializes in building custom CRM solutions to safely house and easily manage data.

This fund was also using an older portfolio management system and needed to upgrade to one that held more data and had easier search capabilities making needed information quickly accessible. They also needed to easily create monthly reports with any changes to update their clientele effectively and accurately. Implementing Dynamics 365 with the help of JourneyTEAM allowed the firm to build a robust, intelligent sales process.

Implementing Dynamics 365 for Information Management and an Improved Sales Process

JourneyTEAM worked to transfer their client portfolios to live in a CRM solution that would meet their specific client storage and access needs—Dynamics 365. By integrating Outlook with Dynamics, their old client information and emails were captured and housed in a more user-friendly location. Outlook emails are easily tracked in Dynamics 365 and connected to the corresponding client account. By appropriately tracking these client interactions, the overall customer satisfaction rate of clients improved. Client records are also now categorized in Dynamics 365 by several different topics, making them much easier to find.

Another benefit of using Dynamics 365 Sales is having templated quoting information that is stored and easily used when creating additional investment plans for new clients. Having these template quotes in place, while also storing all their current client investment portfolios, made Dynamics 365 a single platform for all their document management.

customers signing a deal

The Versatility of Microsoft Tools

One benefit of deploying Microsoft products is their seamless ability to operate cohesively with other Microsoft products. Microsoft SharePoint was also brought in to help store their large amount of client portfolios for an extended content management solution. This financial firm's deals, reports, contracts, and portfolios were all centralized in one system. By connecting Dynamics 365 Sales and SharePoint, users can input and track changes easily as the systems communicate with one another. Five technical users could now easily find and connect their customer portfolio information. Manual processes of finding and inputting data were no longer required, which saved this firm precious time and resources.

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