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Embedded Chat in Microsoft Teams Now in Preview

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Microsoft released this long-awaited functionality as part of the 2021 release wave two for Dynamics 365. Discover how to enable the preview and which features are currently available.

Finally, the long-awaited feature of embedded chat within Microsoft Teams is here. The feature is already benefiting businesses worldwide that rely on the platform for audio conferencing, meetings, chat, and document storage.

Prior to the wave two updates, Microsoft Teams had limited functionality with chat messages. Users could pin Dynamics 365 data within the Microsoft Teams environment and work with the data inside Teams, but couldn’t do much more. The update has since extended this functionality. Now users can link chat to both internal and external contacts in a Dynamics 365 record without sorting through dozens of various chat sessions.

With the feature currently in public preview, Microsoft users have the chance to explore some of its functionality before it becomes generally available. To enable the preview, follow the steps below.

How to Enable the Embedded Chat Preview

Upon logging into the Sales Hub in Dynamics 365, navigate to ‘App Settings’ and select ‘Chat and Collaboration’. Here, you can view and select additional integration options for Microsoft Teams.

Next, select ‘Service Management’. You’ll see an additional section, ‘Microsoft Teams Integration’, has been added to the sitemap and it’s here that you can turn the feature on. Please note that you will need administrator privileges in order to turn this on.

From here, a new icon will appear on the top right of the screen. When you select this icon, the collaboration hub will open in a new side panel next to your current page. This is where you can view the embedded chat feature for both Teams and chat in separate tabs.

An overview of how each tab works can be found below.

Chat Tab Functionality

The chat tab has two different sections: chats that are linked to specific Dynamics 365 records and all other chat messages. To access these chats, select the one you want to view. Two icons will appear in the side pane on the right side: one to filter messages by chat name and the ability to create a new chat.

To start a new chat that’s currently linked to a Dynamics 365 record, select the ‘New Linked Chat’ button from the collaboration pane. You can also hover over messages in the ‘other chats’ section and right-click on the ellipse to start a new chat or link a new chat. You can easily unlink the chat from the record by clicking the ellipse.

Teams Tab Functionality

Within the Teams tab, you can view all the current Team channels you’ve linked to Dynamics 365 records.

To link a new channel to a Dynamics 365 record, navigate to the collaboration hub. Next, open the channels tab and select ‘Link a Channel to this Record’. You can then select a Team and channel.

Another way to link a channel to a record is by creating a new Dynamics 365 tab, selecting the appropriate record, and then the channel. You’ll know the integration is successful when you’re able to view the channel within Dynamics 365 collaboration hub.

Learn More About Embedded Chats with JourneyTEAM

With the embedded chat feature moving to general availability in a few months, it can be difficult to know which features are currently available for your environment and how to use them. That’s where JourneyTEAM can help.

Our talented team of experts will help you fully explore the tool’s functionality and how to put it to use in your environment. Contact us today to get started.


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