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Empower Employees Through Teamwork With Microsoft SharePoint

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

A financial services organization needed to improve the employee experience when working on and accessing internal documentation. Collaboration was complicated and needed to be improved for the business to have a successful communication process.

This financial loan organization has several franchises throughout the western United States and was struggling to use their internal documentation efficiently. Their legacy intranet platform was so outdated and hard to navigate it was hardly being used. This caused employees to ask the same questions without knowing how and where to find the correct answers. Their business leaders wanted a place to post news updates and changes, but didn’t know how to effectively share messages across the company, its various teams, and multiple locations. They needed an intranet solution that would improve company-wide communication and collaboration.

Microsoft SharePoint to Improve the Employee Experience

Moving this financial company’s documents from an outdated intranet to Microsoft SharePoint allowed them to store and easily find documentation whenever needed. Their intranet now has storage capabilities that will grow and expand as their business does. And because Microsoft is constantly releasing new, innovative solutions, the organization has further expanded their capabilities via the new features.

Important communication is now easily shared throughout the entire company which practically eliminated communication errors and gaps, and resulted in more successful projects. Company-wide policies and procedures are now easily found and accessible by employees new and old, which has helped keep information consistent. Additionally, it is easier for the financial company’s IT department to manage its document-storing technology. By implementing SharePoint online, the company provides employees with remote capabilities which eliminated the need for on-premise technology, thus reducing overhead costs and increasing productivity.

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