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How to Keep Your Distributor Force Engaged in Their Business to Increase Sales

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Corporate direct sales leaders are incredible motivators.

They have to be.

They produce sales exclusively through a sales force, the company's distributors, over which they have no formal authority.

The sales leaders who thrive in this environment have become masters at motivating this distributor force to move product.

And, when the need arises for increased sales volume, the question becomes:

How Can We Increase Our Distributors' Engagement in Their Business?

Because we know that when the distributors are highly engaged...

When they are focused on growing their own business, and having more conversations with others about the product or the opportunity...

Sales prosper. And we know that there are many tools in a sales leader's toolkit to make this happen.

We'd Like to Offer You One More

Every high-ranking network marketer has far more people in her downline than she can keep track of.

So what does she do each month to build her business?

She trains and motivates from the top, spends a lot of time sending messages and doing repetitive work …

And spends some 1:1 or 1:Few time with parts of her downline where she guesses she'll make an impact.

At the end of a month or reporting period, a high-ranking distributor sees some general reports about his downline's performance, and his own resulting income...

But nothing to really help him know where to spend his time next month.

We decided to fix that.

Using information from the data-rich environment the company and its distributors operate in, JourneyTEAM can give your distributors clear guidance on who they need to spend time with this day, week, or month, to create the biggest impact.

In other words, we can tell them which parts of their downline have the greatest latent potential that can be unlocked with a  little TLC.

We can tell them what the probable impact on their short-term income, long-term income, and growth of their downline will be if they spend time working with certain segments of their downline.

And, we can automatically provide guidance to the people in the downline on the actions they can take to create the biggest impact in their own growth - today, this week, this month, this year.

This means that the entire downline gets a lift in performance - and the leader creates the greatest impact by spending time where it is most likely to create big results.

We Call it AINM - Augmented Intelligence for Network Marketers

Some network marketers are resistant to change, and others are always looking for the next new thing.

AINM is perfect for both camps. The powerful insights on where to engage with their downlines is an amazing new advance for the leaders and lines who love new things.

For the distributors who don't relish change, the good news is that AINM speaks to them through familiar channels - like SMS text messages. They get simple guidance via a familiar interface. The only big change they'll notice is the big bump in the size of the checks they're cashing each month.

How Do You Get AINM?

Sound like something that you could use?

Check out this video showing AINM helping a distributor identify where she can spend her time for the greatest impact.



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