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Extensive Features Gained When Migrating to Microsoft 365

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Discover how a manufacturer increased security and simplified content management with the help of JourneyTEAM.

manufacturing workers with ipad

A manufacturer needed to streamline communication and collaboration tools as well as enhance security across their organization. They needed to migrate their environment from Google Workplace to Microsoft 365 in order to maximize their licensing investment and improve collaboration paths with sister companies.

This manufacturer was experiencing limitations with their Google Workspace platform. Data was disorganized and difficult to access, content management was inconsistent, and end user satisfaction was low overall. Moving to the Microsoft 365 framework would increase security, and the additional features would provide the organization with much-needed enterprise level capabilities.

Microsoft 365 Features and Benefits

JourneyTEAM cloud specialists helped set up a customized Microsoft 365 tenant for this manufacturer. By equipping the foundation with the right features, security settings and toolsets, they were able to migrate information from their legacy platforms smoothly and safely. They started by moving their Gmail to Exchange Online before migrating Google Drive to SharePoint and Teams.

Making the move to Microsoft 365 enabled this manufacturer to standardize and consolidate their technology stack, making their platform more secure and easier to manage. With the entire company’s enterprise housed on Microsoft 365, leadership gained more visibility into accurate data across the board and have a much easier time navigating between data and systems.

Microsoft 365 also added additional benefits such as built-in enterprise level security and scalable content management features. The added security features which allowed them to manage their devices and ensure security using Intune and Endpoint Management was a major benefit for the manufacturer. IT administrators can now control who has access to certain devices, content, and tools across the organization. This project also opened the door to building a customized SharePoint intranet for improved content management, which greatly enhanced communication and content across teams.

Microsoft 365 as your cloud solution gives your business the advantage it needs for growth, security, and collaboration. Contact a JourneyTEAM specialist today to learn more.


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