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External Account Access in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Updated: May 5, 2020

Learn About External Account Access in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

While large organizations often have in-house accounting departments, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) typically outsource at least some of their accounting tasks to an external firm, including taxes, bookkeeping, and more. The ability to provide an external accountant with easy access to the right reports and financial data is essential.

Unfortunately, many software solutions make it difficult to share this data with an external user. Rather than saving time, money, and resources by outsourcing accounting tasks, the added headache of providing an external user with access to financials can render the whole process more trouble than it’s worth.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it’s easy to provide an external accountant with access to the right data. Once an accountant has provisional access to Business Central, they can utilize the ‘accountant’ role to access the most relevant financial-related information.

In this blog, we’ll look at how an external accountant can easily access and utilize Business Central. First, you’ll invite the accountant to your Business Central account. Then, the accountant will gain access to the predefined ‘accountant’ role. It’s as simple as that! Keep reading for detailed instructions or watch the video below.

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Inviting an External Accountant to Business Central

The first step in granting your accountant access to Business Central involves sending them an invitation.

First, log into your Business Central dashboard. From the menu at the top of the screen, select Setup & Extensions. This will display a submenu underneath the main ribbon. Click Assisted Setup, and you’ll be taken to a new screen. Here, you’re provided with a list of suggested tasks, each of which launches a setup wizard. Towards the bottom of the list, you’ll see Invite External Accountant. Choose this option, and Business Central will launch a pop-up wizard to guide you through the process of inviting an external accountant as a collaborator.

Once you’ve reviewed, read, and accepted the applicable terms in the pop-up window, click Next. Now, enter the email address, first name, and last name of the accountant you’re inviting. You also have the option of typing custom text into the Welcome Email section of the pop-up window: this is the text that your accountant will see when they receive your invitation. When you’re done, click Next. The pop-up window will confirm that you’ve successfully sent the invitation. Finally, select Close.

The External Accountant’s View in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The invitation to collaborate has been sent -- but what does your accountant see on their end?

First, your accountant will receive an invitation email. This email contains the text specified in the Welcome Email section of the Invite External Accountant wizard, as well as a custom link. When the accountant clicks this link, they’ll be taken directly to your Dynamics 365 Business Central account.

But what does your accountant see once they’re logged in? Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically provides your external accountant with access to the ‘accountant’ role in Business Central. This means that their dashboard is customized for easy access to all of the relevant data that an accountant needs, including financial reports, invoices, and more. Meanwhile, access to administrative tasks, security, and account settings is restricted.

Get Started with Dynamics 365 Business Central

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, working with an external accountant has never been easier. Business Central streamlines communication between your company and your CPA, improves your control over your business’ data, and helps limit potential errors and ensure proper data entry.

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