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Get the Latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave One Release Updates

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Discover new user permissions, connectors, reporting functionalities, and more—all available starting April 2022.

Microsoft is preparing to release new features to Business Central as part of its Wave One release which will take place from April to September 2022.

At the latest JourneyTEAM tech insider update, our developers discussed the features that are coming to the platform in the new few months. Below, we’ll review a few of the key operational and functionality updates that Microsoft users can look forward to.

Shopify Connector

Microsoft has teamed up with Shopify to create a better shopping experience for both retailers and consumers. The Shopify Connector provides users with a seamless connection between the two systems. This allows the systems to “synchronize order, stock, and customer information to ensure that merchants can fulfill orders faster and better serve their customers.” Using the connector, merchants will have access to key business data that will allow them to work smarter, increase agility, and improve overall business performance.

Job Enhancements

Previously, project reports within Microsoft did not have the ability to list different sell-to and bill-to individuals. This was confusing for both project managers and vendors and made it difficult for warehouse managers or project managers to stay organized.

Now, users can have different names or companies listed in the sell-to and bill-to fields. Additionally, users can also specify fields such as Your Reference, Payment Terms Code, External Document No., and Payment Method Code.

Payment Journal

The Wave One release adds a number of much-needed features to Business Central’s Payment Journal, including:

  • The ability to view debit and credit tools on the footer of imported journals and data. This will help to increase accuracy when checking figures on imported data.

  • Users can now preview journals and make any necessary changes prior to posting.

These two functionalities will help to ensure the accuracy of cash flows, and that all transactions have been recorded and accounted for.

Bank Reconciliations

Previously, users could not retrieve a bank reconciliation report after it had been posted. This made it difficult for users to make adjustments should data change or if an error was found.

Users will be able to make changes to reconciliation reports even after posting with the Wave One release. Additionally, when users pull the report, they’ll be able to view outstanding checks, deposits, or G/L balance even after it’s published. These improvements will help to improve the validation and auditing of bank information and provide more visibility into bank information.

Administration Updates

The Wave One Business Central Release will include a number of new features for admins, including:

  • Define new user permissions: Previously, admins had to provide users full access to a business system, which created a number of security vulnerabilities. With the Wave One Release, admins can now assign default permissions to user groups upon user creation, which bolsters security.

  • Subtract permissions: Admins will be able to remove a function from a permission set during setup, saving valuable time.

  • Report updates: To streamline reporting, admins will be able to use the full palette of capabilities in Excel, including sliders, diagrams, charts, pivot tables, and more. Users simply select the report layout in Excel as a formatting tool and the changes are automatically saved in Business Central.

Additional Updates

Below are some additional features that will be added to Business Central in April 2022:

  • More control of deferral postings: Users will be able to customize deferral postings within Business Central. Users can automatically defer revenues over a specific time period or accounting periods, and can block other entries using the Allow Posting From/To field.

  • Alternate customer/vendor posting group: The Wave One Release will provide users with more flexibility on single documents and can easily alternate customer and vendor posting groups.

  • Consolidate customer and vendor balances: Users will have the flexibility to change the details within a posting group. For example, users can turn a contact company into a vendor or customer using the Create as Customer field on the Contact Card Page. Users can also view information from a vendor that’s also a customer on a single report.

Prepare for Business Central’s Wave One Release with JourneyTEAM

The number of new features coming to Business Central can feel overwhelming. JourneyTEAM helps organizations take full advantage of these new functionalities with our unique service offerings, including:

  • SHERPA Program: Enjoy self-guided Microsoft implementation with support from a Microsoft gold partner. You set the pace and we’ll provide the exact level of support you need along the way. Join us for the next SHERPA kickoff on April 12, 2022.

  • Power BI Template App: Create a truly robust financial dashboard using our Power BI Template App. The app provides a seamless connection between your system and Business Central so you can enjoy a truly powerful dashboard.

  • Page Extender Application: Unlock the full power of Business Central with JourneyTEAM’s Page Extender Application which provides full access to all Business Central fields.

Don’t wait to get started—contact JourneyTEAM today.


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