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Get to Know JourneyTEAM's Microsoft 365 Experts

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Our Cloud solution specialists here at JourneyTEAM have a wide variety of experience in customizing Microsoft 365 solutions to meet the needs of our clients. They have helped clients across industries find the right Microsoft 365 solutions for their business data to reside safely in the cloud with the expansive and scalable capabilities required for a growing business. Get to know our Cloud Team Practice Director, as well as the Team Leads that help Microsoft 365 projects be a success.

journeyteam Microsoft 365 expert 1

Eric Raff- Eric has been involved with numerous technologies over his 25+ years of experience in the IT field. He loves to learn and teach about technologies that can improve the world. He currently leads the cloud team at JourneyTEAM, (a Microsoft gold partner) and very much enjoys working with a wide array of clients helping analyze and solve business problems primarily in the Identity and Access Management and Microsoft 365 areas of focus. He specializes in the areas of Email, document management and collaboration, instant messaging and telephony, identity and access management, networking and server infrastructure, Microsoft 365 and Azure, and AWS. His passion and excitement for how to get the most out of technology is contagious and he truly wants to share what he has experienced and learned with others in a real-world, tell it as it is, with no hidden agenda and engaging style.

journeyteam Microsoft 365 expert 2

Hector Perez- Hector is another lead on the Cloud team and specializes in all things Microsoft 365. He has over 15 years of working with various Microsoft technologies under his belt. Hector originally started working on developing custom SharePoint solutions, then evolved his area of expertise to include additional Microsoft 365 solutions. He specializes in Enterprise mobility and security, compliance, mobile device management, and Exchange Online (email), and process improvement. Clients in the financial services, Healthcare, and Manufacturing verticals have benefited from working with Hector to find and adopt the right Microsoft 365 solutions for their unique business needs.

journeyteam Microsoft 365 expert 3

Tim Brandt- Tim has over 20 years of experience in the technical world, and with Microsoft management specifically, over 8 years. He additionally has deep business experience, as he has been a part of several different organizations’ board of directors, and had various business management roles. His business and technical experience combined help him to ensure JourneyTEAM customers find the right solutions and business processes they require to ensure a successful project. With Tim being a team lead on the Cloud team, he specializes in device Endpoint Management and Teams VoIP with a broad understanding of Microsoft's Cloud Solutions.

journeyteam Microsoft 365 expert 4

Jamye Few- Jamye is a Team Lead and Senior Consultant focusing on the Microsoft 365 Cloud Platform. Currently concentrating on Azure Active Directory, Identity, and Access Management, Exchange Online, and Cloud Security solutions, Jamye has over 25 years of experience in technology across several industries in both the public and private sectors including Health Care, DOD, Shipping and Logistics, Digital Publishing and Entertainment with extensive experience in Solution Architecture, .NET / C#, PowerShell, SQL, JavaScript/CSS/UI, Digital Publishing and Digital Graphic Design for web and new media.

Contact JourneyTEAM today for any Microsoft 365-related questions, or to speak with a specialist.


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