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Give Time Back to Your Sales Team With Microsoft Sales Copilot

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Learn how Sales Copilot acts as a killer sales coach, guiding the salesperson with recommendations, reminders, and more to boost productivity and customer engagement.

For sales teams, Sales Copilot empowers them to do more, faster. Sellers can now more effectively communicate with prospects, customers, and other sellers, recapturing valuable time.

Below we’ll review some Sales Copilot features, their benefits, and what this exciting step into the world of AI and machine learning means for sales teams.

A Look into Sales Copilot Features

The past few years have permanently changed the way we work with businesses needing to quickly adapt to today’s hybrid world. From spending more time in video conferences and chats to drafting numerous emails and documents to close deals and connect with customers, sales teams need to do more at an incredibly fast pace.

Microsoft Sales Copilot was designed to provide sales teams with a centralized place in which to conduct meetings, send emails, track data, and complete tasks. Sales Copilot excels at this by pulling data from your organization's Microsoft 365 tools, such as Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, etc. By adding this Copilot integration to Dynamics 365 Sales, time-consuming processes such as writing emails or creating reminders are now automated. As of September 2023, Sales Copilot users now have access to capabilities such as:

  • Automated email responses: Sales Copilot can auto-generate a pre-formatted email response that includes personalized text, suggested next actions, and details like proposals, deadlines, product descriptions, and more. Sellers also are provided with “in-the-moment” suggested responses that are based on categories like ‘make a proposal’ or ‘reply to customer inquiry’. With a single click, the email is generated which sellers can then review and send within minutes.

  • AI-generated summaries: Simplify tasks by generating automated call transcriptions and summaries of important meetings. These can then be easily moved into emails to send to those involved in the meeting or those who missed it.

  • Automatic reminders: To avoid delays in communication, Sales Copilot can automatically remind sellers when it’s time to follow up with a prospect, customer, or fellow salesperson. This keeps communication flowing and things moving forward.

  • People-centric data: With access to rich, people-centric insights and data stored within Microsoft cloud, Sales Copilot enables sellers to create enriched, personalized messages automatically, enabling them to deliver a superior customer experience.

By adding GPT capabilities to Sales Copilot, businesses can strengthen their existing capabilities of conversation intelligence, an approach that utilizes NLP to generate sales documents such as call summaries, KPIs, action items, questions, and more. According to research conducted by Futurum, 66% of sellers’ time is spent managing email—time that could be spent strengthening customer relationships or attracting new leads. Sales’ new AI capabilities enable sellers to do just that—spend more time with sellers, whether in a face-to-face setting or virtually.

Sales Copilot Licensing and Pricing

Microsoft Sales Copliot is available for Dynamics 365 Sales and Salesforce Sales Cloud Customers. It's included in Sales Enterprise and Premium and can be an add-on for other Dynamics 365 Sales plans. It is $40 per use per month, on a standalone basis.

What Sales Copilots’ New Features Mean for Sellers

In today’s highly competitive, fast-moving business world, it’s critical for sellers to move fast. Any time wasted on low-value tasks means lost prospects, opportunities, and revenue. Sales Copilot empowers sellers to focus on establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships, and building trust.

"Microsoft Sales Copilot significantly impacts end users by simplifying their daily tasks and enhancing their overall productivity." Said Brandon Gorton, CRM Director at JourneyTEAM. "With its intelligent automation and personalized suggestions, it empowers sales teams to build stronger customer relationships, close deals faster, and ultimately achieve better results, making it an invaluable asset for sales professionals."

Though Sales Copilot already automates CRM data entry (an action that drastically improves the seller experience by automatically suggesting the next best actions), the addition of AI into email creation is something that will increase productivity and efficiency, improve the seller and customer experience, increase sales opportunities, boost revenue, and so much more.

Ready to get started?

Whether your sales team already utilizes Sales Copilot or you want to capitalize on all of the new Copilots, JourneyTEAM can help. Working closely with you and sales executives, our team of experts help you plan and implement a tailored Sales Copilot environment as well as maintain it long after go-live. The environment is customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring no time or resources are wasted on tasks that don’t meet business goals.


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