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Home Security Organization Manages Customer Data to Ensure Security and Limit Data Breaches

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

JourneyTEAM worked to protect the clients’ Personal, Identifiable Information (PII) gathered from their customers in an easy-to-use, secure, concise location to prevent data breaches.

A home security company that sells to clients all over the United States and Canada has 1.9 million customers and over 11,000 users. Because they sell security systems, they gather a lot of PII from their clients (I.e. name, birthday, address, payment methods, etc.). Keeping PII secure is crucial to the company’s success for the protection of their clients, but also the protection of the business as it is illegal to share or leak any PII to other companies.

Security is a top priority for this organization. Their customer information used to be tracked and stored in several different ways. This led to data living in different locations, which made it difficult to access and use when needed. JourneyTEAM helped identify both the structured and unstructured data repositories and migrate all of it to a centralized location. By unifying their data and tracking it in the same way across the board, it would ensure optimum security and allow a simplified user experience.

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Microsoft 365 Tools for Storing Data

This home security company needed a faster, more secure way of utilizing on-premise and online data repositories. Storing their data online would ensure additional security should something happen to their on-prem server. JourneyTEAM implemented the use of SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange to provide them with much-needed security and accessibility. A content search functionality in Microsoft 365’s compliance center was also rolled out so their users could easily find sensitive information.

Azure Information Protection enabled them to transfer and share the information with both their on-prem and online data repositories. This allowed their systems to update and communicate with one another which ensured all data and information was up-to-date. JourneyTEAM also helped implement a ticketing system that would help link and categorize the PII in their systems correctly, making it easy to analyze data from their customer service center.

JourneyTEAM Helps with Data Security

By consolidating to fewer systems and streamlining their employee’s process of accessing sensitive information, their data is kept secure long-term. Users are now able to access their customer's personal information when needed while ensuring it is secure from unauthorized sources.

JourneyTEAM also built and deployed data loss prevention policies. These policies ensure customer Information doesn’t get shared internally or externally with partners or other companies. All PII remains safely stored in their data repositories and is only accessible by only approved users.

If your business has data security storage or management needs, please contact a JourneyTEAM specialist today to find the options available.