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How to Create a Resilient, Inclusive and Hybrid Workplace with Microsoft Teams

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

January 19, 2021

The pandemic fundamentally changed the way we all work. Some of you work remotely. Some are back in the office. And some are adjusting to a hybrid of in-person and remote operations. Wherever you and your teams are, a secure, universal collaboration platform that promotes inclusiveness is a must-have.

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft Office 365’s hub for teamwork — a place to exchange ideas, share

information, and create human connections. Plus, integrations with other Office 365 applications

transform Teams from a platform to chat, meet, call and collaborate, to your one-source daily

workspace. For a 10,000-foot view of Microsoft Teams, check out “Rush to a Remote Workforce.”

Just how powerful has Teams become? Let’s look at the numbers from Microsoft. Within six months (since March 2020), Teams usage has boomed: 75 million+ daily active users. 200 million Teams meeting participants in a single day. More than 5 billion meeting minutes generated by these participants in a day. Impressive, but not surprising. Microsoft Teams works for everyone.

Here is a roll call of the latest features from Teams that help you create a resilient, inclusive workspace.

New, interactive meeting and virtual event capabilities

Collaborating has never been more important. Teams gives you the tools to stay organized before,

during and after meetings.

Together Mode

Together Mode reduces your meeting fatigue with a new way to interact. Teams segments participants’ faces using AI to place everyone in the same digital space. Appearing “together” in this fun new way can jumpstart engagement. A minimum of four participants is required with the support of up to 49 people.

More to come from this unique feature soon!

Breakout Rooms

Need to break from one meeting into more focused groups? With the Breakout Rooms feature you can determine the number of smaller breakout rooms, and assign participants automatically or direct them to the right spot. You can also use apps in Breakout Rooms. For example, you can capture feedback or brainstorm on a whiteboard. Later, we’ll talk more about integrated apps in Teams.

Meeting Recap

When your meeting is over, you can access the transcripts and attendance report from one place. This is a lifesaver if you missed all or part of a meeting, or just need a refresher.

Custom Meeting Experience

Calling all developers – create apps in Teams for more tailored experiences. Here’s an example: an integrated app can promote seamless customer support. When an incident has been flagged for service, agents can meet on Teams to collaborate on a solution and update the incident directly in the app.

Virtual Events

Virtual events respect social distancing allowing you to participate and enjoy wherever you are. You can plan and execute your next large event from Teams. This includes registration tasks like outreach, creating custom event pages, adding speaker bios, social media sharing, and more.

Microsoft Teams works for everyone. This is how:

Multiple Layouts

allow you to pick what will engage your audience the most. Post-event insights are available to help you measure overall effectiveness.

Solidified remote and hybrid work teams

Microsoft research found that over 80% of managers say they expect more flexible work-from-home policies in the future. Microsoft has new and re-imagined capabilities and devices to support inclusive collaboration for remote, onsite, and hybrid scenarios.

Teams Certified Devices for Hybrid Scenarios

If you’re in the office, you can follow safety practices for meeting spaces with the help of certified

devices from Microsoft. Over 100 certified devices were added just this year! Certified devices

complement Teams providing reliable, high-quality audio and video experiences from anywhere.

Microsoft Teams panels (coming early 2021) are one example. One use case for the panels is to be mounted outside a meeting room for booking management. Immediately, you can find out if you’re in the right place at the right time, or if the room is available to reserve. Space reservation can take place right from the display.

Over 80% of managers say they expect more flexible work-from-home policies in the future.

Teams certified devices can also monitor room capacity with information from other connected Teams devices like cameras that count people. The panel can then display how many people are in the room to help everyone maintain a safe distance.

“Touchless” Features

On to the features that reduce or eliminate physical contact with devices. To start and end meetings

you can use Cortana voice assistance, or the Teams mobile app's new remote control for in-room devices.

Especially useful for hybrid scenarios, Microsoft’s Surface Hub and Microsoft Teams Rooms devices offer a unique collaborative meeting experience. With this setup, you and your remote and onsite teams can engage in collaborative whiteboarding sessions to ideate and create together. You can maximize your screen space to work with content without losing sight of your participants in the gallery view.

Transcription identifies the names and profile pictures of who was speaking to make it easier to focus on the moment. Typically, this feature only works for remote participants, but new intelligent speakers can be added to identify those in the same room. All biometric information is securely stored and managed in Office 365 cloud.

New ways to streamline work and automate processes

Teams is your one-stop platform for collaboration and productivity. Integrated apps and automated

workflows take it to the next level.

Power Automate and Power Apps Integration

The Power Automate integration with Teams makes it easy to automate your work processes. Good

news — no developer experience required! The new Power Automate app comes with workflow templates for Teams and a new designer experience. Automated processes could include messages sent to channels, or automated approvals leveraged by Adobe sign to complete official documents. Also, the Power Apps integration allows you to create an application without leaving the platform.

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