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How to Create Canvas Power Apps and Flows

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

This article will walk you through the process of creating a button in Power Apps that runs a Flow which executes a SQL Stored Procedure.

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Step 1: Create a stored procedure

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and navigate to your database.

  2. Open the Programmability folder

  3. Right click on Stored Procedures and select New

canvas apps step 1

4. Copy, paste the following query into the query window then click

execute power apps





CREATE PROCEDURE RandomNumberGenerator


SELECT FLOOR(RAND()*(1000-1+1))+1 AS RandomNumber


Step 2: Create a blank Canvas Power App

1. Open a browser and navigate to and login

2. Click Create on the right-hand side and then click Canvas app from blank

canvas apps step 2

3. Give your app a name, choose either mobile or tablet, then click Create

4. Click Insert from the top menu and insert both a Button and a Label from the Text drop down.

5. Change the text of the button to say “Generate Random Number”

6. Change the text of the label to say “Random Number: “

canvas apps step 3

7. Be sure to save your app by either navigating to File > Save or press Ctrl+S

Step 3: Create a flow to run your stored procedure

8. Next click on the button you created, then click Action from the top menu bar followed by clicking Power Automate.

9. From the right-hand side Data menu click “Create a new flow”

canvas apps step 4

10. This will redirect you to the Power Automate page.

11. From the right-hand side click Create and then “Automated flow” under “Start from blank”

canvas apps step 5

12. Click Skip on the popup asking for a name and trigger.

13. Once you are in the flow select PowerApps from the Triggers list.

14. Select + New Step

canvas apps step 6

15. Search for Execute stored procedure for SQL Server

Canvas apps step 7

16. Put in your server name, database name, and the procedure name which is dbo].[RandomNumberGenerator].

17. Select + New Step and search for Initialize Variable

18. Give the Variable a name, Type as Array and the Value as “ResultSets Table1”

19. Select + New Step and search for “Respond to a PowerApp or flow”

20. Add a text output

21. Name the output “RandomNumber” and for the value enter the name of the variable you just created.

Canvas apps step 8

22. In the top left, name your flow “RandomNumberGenerator” then click save.

canvas apps step 10

Step 4: Putting it all together

23. Navigate back to your Power App

24. Once again click on your button and navigate to Action > Power Automate, then click the name of the flow you just created.

canvas app step 9

25. Change the OnSelect of your button to: Set(VarRandNum, 'PowerApp->Executestoredprocedure(V2)'.Run())

26. Next change the text of your label to: "Random Number: " & First(Split(Last(Split(VarRandNum.randomnumber, ":")).Result, ".")).Result

27. Finally click the Play button in the top right and push your button and watch your label change.

This is a very simple example of what can be done using Flows and Stored Procedures. Now that you know some of the basics see what else you can do using flows and stored procedures!

Contact JourneyTEAM for more Power Apps guidance or questions.


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