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How to Have a Smooth Intranet Merger and Acquisition

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Discover how a healthcare organization provided employees with a single source of truth using Microsoft SharePoint.

healthcare workers

One healthcare organization had recently acquired two companies and needed to merge their corresponding intranets with their current legacy intranet as this would streamline communication and simplify the user experience.

This healthcare consulting and research organization has over 750 employees located throughout the United States. To provide their various locations with a single collaboration and content management solution, they needed a Microsoft 365 SharePoint intranet. This would provide users with a single access point for all company and employee news and updates, and provide easier access to each sub-organization's previous content and documentation. Additionally, search capabilities in previous intranets were limited and needed improvement to enable users to easily find and access documentation from any acquired company.

The onboarding process for employees of acquired companies also needed improvement. Providing new employees access to new and old documentation required extensive time and manual effort. Streamlining the onboarding process would allow users to focus on more important tasks.

Microsoft 365 Tools Improve Onboarding and Communication

After moving to SharePoint with the support of JourneyTEAM, the healthcare company was able to significantly improve company communication and collaboration. With one centralized location for their internal documentation, including documentation from newly acquired companies, employees were easily able to access and review company information, including news updates and changes. The move also improved the healthcare company’s search capabilities as SharePoint’s more robust capabilities enabled users to search for and locate updated information more quickly. Finally, building out their SharePoint intranet laid the foundation for future acquisitions and will allow companies to easily integrate their existing intranets and documentation.

By connecting Azure active directory features to their SharePoint permissions, JourneyTEAM architects simplified their onboarding process while saving time and hassle. A self-service onboarding was created to allow new employees to ‘self-onboard’ and provided access to necessary information while users waited for full permissions to the parent tenant. This made knowledge sharing and onboarding in general extremely simple.

With internal communication and information in one place, users can quickly find what they need. Projects and external work have improved as well as team member efficiency and organization. If you are looking to migrate to Microsoft 365 solution, speak with a JourneyTEAM representative today.


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