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How to Improve Team Collaboration and Productivity within a Manufacturing Organization

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

How one manufacturer utilized SharePoint to improve the efficiency of their document management process.

manufacturing plant

A manufacturer of oil and gasoline needed to improve communication and collaboration within their business teams. The company has many document types for the various products they manufacture and distribute, so an organized file-sharing system is critical for business success.

This oil manufacturer has around 500 employees who needed the ability to collaborate and approve various forms of product documentation. Their documents and files were being stored in numerous locations—some on-prem and some in cloud solutions. Their documentation was disparate, jumbled, and insecure, making it nearly impossible to collaborate and get the right information to the right person in an efficient manner.

This manufacturer’s team members desperately needed a better way to collaborate on documentation. They also wanted to improve the overall task process surrounding completing and approving documents. Combining files, documents, and tasks in a streamlined fashion would close the communication gaps in their organization.

SharePoint and Teams for Heightened Internal Collaboration

JourneyTEAM content and collaboration architects worked with the manufacturer’s technical team to organize their documents with Microsoft SharePoint as a document repository. SharePoint allows for optimum document-sharing abilities, allowing team members to collaborate in a secure, central location. By connecting SharePoint with Microsoft 365 Group Sensitivity Labels, only users with certain credentials could access confidential documents.

With the implementation of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, team members were able to improve business processes by having their documentation lifecycle tasks easily trackable. These task management solutions drove efficiency in document storage, collaboration and communication within their internal teams.

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