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How to Scale Your Business With a Microsoft 365 Tenant Merger and Acquisition

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

JourneyTEAM has had the opportunity to help several clients across various industries merge separate Microsoft 365 (M365) Tenants into one. With the dawn of COVID-19, many businesses are expanding at a rapid pace or are being absorbed by other businesses. Both scenarios can greatly benefit from JourneyTEAM providing a M365 Tenant Health Check. A Health check entails analyzing your M365 tenant and documenting which Microsoft tools, services and features your organization are using, and what changes within your tenant could simplify and improve your business once implemented.

One client we work with is a rental company that was acquired by a large multi-business Manufacturing organization that has over 40 locations throughout the intermountain west.

Separate Identities and Storage Limits

Acquiring this additional company required merging separate Microsoft identities from the two disparate tenants. This had the potential to create gaps in security, disrupt compliance for financial reporting, and limit communication and collaboration functionalities in general. Different sources of information were there but weren’t communicating with one another and thereby making the user experience extremely difficult and monotonous.

Merging Microsoft Tenants to Improve business Processes

JourneyTEAM provided a M365 Tenant Review and Health Assessment to identify where the parent organization was in respect to configuration, security, and the efficiency within their tenant set up. JourneyTEAM cloud experts were then able to follow that pattern in the newly acquired company’s tenant and streamline the merger and their communication, collaboration, and business processes. Their systems now operate cohesively, and users get access to the correct data quicker and easier. It also solidified security posture within both environments without letting content from either tenant slip through the cracks. Because this organization is still expanding and acquiring more businesses, preforming the Tenant Health Assessment provides a framework for future acquisitions, and will allow future M365 tenants to connect more seamlessly.

In conclusion:

JourneyTEAM was able to clearly understand both companies’ environments and work with them to help identify current risks and future opportunities through the Tenant health assessment process. JourneyTEAM helped the customer gain a holistic view of their business technology helping them understand the inner relationships between the two M365 tenants and provided insight into growth opportunities for more efficient use of the technology they already have in place.

Contact a representative today to learn more about an M365 Tenant Health Check and how it can benefit your business, today.

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