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How Using Microsoft 365 For Device Management and Streamlining Communication Decreases Risk

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

One private equity firm needed to improve their email communication methods. They also wanted to optimize security within their device management implementation to protect sensitive data.

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This equity firm is growing rapidly and managing large client investments and customer information. Their on-premises infrastructure was quickly being outgrown, as well as offering the extensive features and capabilities they needed to scale. By migrating their infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud, they would gain simplicity, security, and efficiency in several of their business areas. A process needing to be greatly improved was their internal communications by organizing and cleaning up their distribution lists within their email solution. Another was to ensure that company information was only accessed by company managed devices to reduce the possibility of sensitive data leaving their controlled environment.

Microsoft 365 for Security and Communication Features

In order to see the communication benefits from moving to Microsoft 365 in the cloud, they would need to first clean up and delete any unneeded distribution lists from their on-premises infrastructure. Once they deleted excess lists, distribution lists were then re-created in Exchange Online. They went from 800+ distribution lists to around 250 after the cleanup effort. They could then more easily send emails to these lists and groups, and users would have a much easier time using and accessing email lists and communicating through these lists with their fellow team members. Messages and announcements could more easily be sent and distributed throughout the company which would limit miscommunications, and limit errors.

By working with this the firm’s technical team, JourneyTEAM was also to configure their environment to be locked down, so when accessing Microsoft 365 services, users had to be on a device managed by Intune. Their information was now secure, and only available to the organization’s users. This would limit any data or communication breaches and threats.

Having their Microsoft 365 infrastructure secure and organized, in the cloud, ensured this financial firm’s information was more secure. Communication was also increased and streamlined through cleaning up their email distribution lists. These Microsoft 365 organization tips and processes can help a business run smoothly and efficiently. Contact JourneyTEAM today to learn more about the benefits found in Microsoft 365.


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