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Improve Production and Reduce Manufacturing Errors with Azure

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Learn how JourneyTEAM helped a global manufacturer improve their customer experience by eliminating errors during production.

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A global car parts manufacturer wanted to ensure their supply chain and production process were error-free in order to boost customer satisfaction. They needed a way to detect faulty products in their warehouse, communicate information in their cloud system, and replace those products with the correct ones.

By implementing Power BI, this manufacturer was able to manage and view product reports and easily identify and track how many were faulty and needed to be replaced. Before reporting could happen however, the company needed a cloud program that could detect, gather, and communicate information seamlessly to Power BI. Additionally, because they had multiple warehouses throughout the United States, they needed a cloud solution that could gather information from across locations and upload information to one server.

Using Azure Service Bus to Efficiently Record Errors

Azure Service Bus was used to detect product status and quickly identify any faulty products. The platform could also determine which other products or where in the product lifecycle the faulty part was created which would lead users to the root of problems. By identifying where errors were occurring, this manufacturer can now quickly identify, resolve, and prevent future problems from occurring. With JourneyTEAM as their partner, this manufacturer was able to learn how to use Azure in connection with flagging all faulty products in the manufacturing lifecycle and how to properly track and record data for future use

By significantly reducing the number of errors and faulty products, the manufacturer was able to cut production costs, save valuable time, and reduce the number of products being discarded. Additionally, implementing Azure also led to higher customer satisfaction and retention. Consumers were more likely to keep purchasing their cars and car parts because of the quality guarantee and product success rates.

If you are wanting to improve business processes, or have any questions about Power BI or Azure, contact JourneyTEAM today.


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