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Improve User Experience and Security with Microsoft’s Project Management Tool

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Learn how one global manufacturer modernized their project management solution to improve ease of use and ensure security.

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A manufacturer was struggling with limited functionality in their Project Server 2013 instance. The company used the application to track project tasks, progress, and collaboration with other team members. This archaic version of the tool was operating slowly and limited users to only using the application on an outdated version of Office. This prevented the 2013 version of Project Server from communicating with the 2019 version of Office, and prevented users from accessing valuable business data. Additionally, Project Server 2013 was nearing the end of its support lifecycle, which left it vulnerable to security threats that would create additional administrative burdens on their IT team. The manufacturer needed to modernize to a newer version of Project Server so it could integrate with Office 2019, boost security, and improve access.

Microsoft’s Project Management Technologies

Upgrading to Project Server 2019 resulted in numerous impactful outcomes for this manufacturer. First, users now have a simplified and seamless experience when viewing Office and Project Server information. Second, information is now up-to-date and communicated effectively between the two instances, enabling users to access critical business communication quickly and easily. Finally, security threats and exploits that come with outdated technologies have been eliminated, decreasing the burden on their IT team. Additionally, they now have security updates automatically installed from Microsoft, ensuring business data stays protected without impacting the user experience.

JourneyTEAM has helped clients across industries improve their project management with the appropriate Microsoft tools. Reach out to a solution specialist today to learn more about the technologies available and how they can benefit your organization.


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