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Insightful Data Reporting to Prevent Resource and Staffing Issues

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Discover how a manufacturer used Power BI to enhance data visibility and improve resource allocation.

A manufacturing organization was struggling to provide the right resources and availability to operate smoothly. They needed a way to view resources and schedules more efficiently to ensure they have enough resources for various jobs the organization performs.

The manufacturer is an HVAC and plumbing company that provides repairs and maintenance for businesses in the Eastern United States. They have three primary types of employees: sheet metal workers, plumbers, and pipe fillers.

The company was viewing resource data on a legacy report solution that only showed currently assigned resources and their corresponding jobs. Their CEO and leadership team needed to expand their insights as well as see where they were over and under allocated in each discipline. They needed to compare resources currently on jobs before assigning additional resources to ensure there were enough employees to complete the work .

Using Power BI For Improved Resource Assignment

JourneyTEAM worked with the company’s CEO to create Power BI reports that project committed workloads for the coming weeks by specific work types. This gives the CEO a quick and easy way to see where more resources are needed and how soon current staff will be available for new projects. This report is projected on a big screen in their office, allowing employees to see the big picture and drill deeper for more details.

With the new Power BI report in place, the manufacturer can now quickly fill any gaps in resourcing. They can easily see where they are running short in resources and ensure they assign the right people to upcoming jobs.

Enhance Power BI Reporting with JourneyTEAM

Looking for a way to efficiently report on resourcing data to improve and simplify your business operations? Contact a JourneyTEAM specialist today to learn more.


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