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Introducing JourneyTEAM’s Business Central Reporting Package

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Revolutionize your financial data tracking and reporting with Microsoft Business Central and Power BI.

By Ryan Humphries, Project Manager and

Jim Hill, Principal Business Intelligence Consultant at JourneyTEAM

The key to boosting your competitive advantage starts with understanding your financial data. While your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system provides valuable customer insights, only financial data provides a comprehensive view of business and financial health, potential future growth, and industry and customer trends.

The sheer amount of data available is staggering. However, simply collecting a large amount of data is not enough. Every bit of data you gather and analyze must address specific business needs, help reach strategic goals, and add real business value. This starts with having the right tools.

Microsoft Business Central is one of the most robust ERP systems available. With JourneyTEAM’s Business Central Reporting Package however, you can truly unlock additional predictive financial insights buried within your ERP.

Microsoft Business Central is Microsoft’s all-in-one, cloud-based business management solution. Users can upgrade their outdated or legacy ERP system with a robust solution that enables them to manage sales, marketing, finance, and operation processes onto a single platform. Plus, Power BI supports Business Central, providing users with insightful reports regarding company data.

pointing to data

JourneyTEAM’s Reporting Package Dives Deeper into Data

JourneyTEAM’s BC Reporting Package offers the ability to drill into your Business Central data and gain deeper insight into your business.

Within our reporting package is a complex Data Model. This core data model supports actionable reports that are tailored to specific business KPIs. You can choose to utilize the out-of-the-box reports that are customizable to your company locations and dimensions or build your own using the provided model.

The customization and flexibility featured within our reporting package allows you to go beyond the information posted on sales and purchases or general ledgers. Our solution looks at the data within your Business Central implementation and supports detailed analysis of overall business performance.

power bi dashboard

Our reporting package features four main reports:

  • Executive Page: Designed for executives or business leaders, this report shows a company’s overall financial performance, with an option to drill deeper into information if needed. For example, if an executive wants to examine the difference between planned revenue and actual spending, they simply hover over various graph points.

  • Inventory Manager: The inventory manager report takes a closer look at inventory data stored within the inventory ledger entry table. You’re able to see the total amount of units sold, if you have outstanding sales or inventory, inventory turnover, and more.

  • Sales Manager: Those looking for either a high-level overview or in-depth look at company sales at designated times should utilize the Sales Manager report. These reports include company KPIs across the top, including new customers, revenue, GPMs, etc. You can then further analyze data by changing views to look at a location, product, or salesperson, giving you the ability to compare sales revenue and performance over time.

  • Financial Report Pages: Designed for Finance and Business leaders to provide quick insights into your Business Central data. These report pages include: Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and Invoice Statement.

power bi on mobile and desktop

For example, the Sales Manager report features highlighting and cross-filtering that you can use on customer purchases. When a customer is selected, information about that customer such as daily sales, top items sold, and purchase location are highlighted.

From overall financial health and revenue growth to product performance and potential stumbling blocks, you’ll see it all with our reporting package. Armed with this information, decisions are made more quickly, roadblocks are avoided, and opportunities are identified almost immediately.

A Real-World Manufacturing Example

Vectors Inc. is just one of only twenty US distributors that supply Trimble Geospatial products, a tool that’s widely used in surveying, civil engineering, and construction. Due to the limited amount of distributors, Vectors was looking to replace its current ERP solution with one that could more effectively track sales, purchases, and supply levels of products. Their existing solution could not drill further into high-level data, nor could it provide a granular view of data. Luckily, they turned to JourneyTEAM.

inventory and warehouse workers

Using our Business Central Reporting Package, the company gained the high-level overview they needed to ensure a strong supply chain. Additionally, our reports provided the deeper insight of contributing data they needed to evaluate both financial health and overall business performance. Equipped with this information, Vectors’ executives and managers made decisions more quickly and identified actionable insights that increased business revenue.

A major requirement for Vectors’ financial reporting tool was customization. Specifically, they wanted a solution that could:

  • Analyze data by fiscal year

  • Adjust report settings to reflect transaction context by service type (sale, rental, or support)

  • Filter options by dimensions, location codes, and jobs

Within JourneyTEAM’s Business Central Reporting Package, Vectors found the exact level of customization they needed. Using out-of-the-box reports and built-from-scratch reports, Vectors was able to gain the high-level overview of financial data they desired. Business leaders and executives also had the option to drill further into data to gain insights into historical trends and product performance. What Vectors saw from using our solution was a streamlined, more informed decision-making process and higher competitive advantage.

Contact JourneyTEAM to Learn More

Whether you’re looking to delve deeper into high-level financial data or take your Business Central solution to the next level, contact JourneyTEAM.


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