Introducing JourneyTEAM’s Power BI Masterclass Series

Introduction to the Series

Power BI is an analytics service provided by Microsoft. The service includes a collection of software, apps, and connectors that enables you to turn your current data into Business Intelligence (BI) that is easy to use, providing visually immersive and interactive insights.

A comprehensive list of the software, apps and connectors covered in our Masterclass Series can be found below. This blog will also discuss some of the key classes a little further, so please take note of the appropriate dates.

Benefits of Using Power BI

As you will already have a large collection of various data systems, you may wonder why would you wish to use Power BI, as surely many of you may already have the data compiled into an Excel sheet? This is true as Microsoft Excel has been around since the mid-80s and is one of the most widely used platforms for analysis in the world, so why would you change?

Power BI and Excel are remarkably similar and around 80% of a report’s development time would be identical. Power BI, however, excels (ironically) once you have completed your data model - There is a vast difference in the visualization level. Power BI tools are superior for data visualization and creating interactive and easy to understand reports.

Power BI provides full coverage of your business, allowing you to customize and design dashboards and reports to make data-driven decisions.

Comprehensive Class Coverage

Here is the list of the classes we will cover during the Power BI Masterclass Series. You may not be interested in some of the classes, so feel free to choose the ones of concern to you. We aim to comprehensively cover all topics in the classes.

• Power BI – Fundamentals – February 9th

• Power Query – Fundamentals – February 16th

• Data Modelling – Fundamentals – February 23rd

• DAX – Fundamentals – March 2nd

• Visualizations – Fundamentals – March 9th

• Power Query – Intermediate – March 16th

• Data Modelling – Intermediate – March 23rd

• DAX – Intermediate – March 30th

• DAX – Advanced – April 6th

• Performance Optimization – Fundamentals – April 13th

• Performance Optimization – Intermediate – April 20th

• Power BI Administration – Fundamentals – April 27th

As well as the following bonus classes.

• Power Automate – Fundamentals – May 4th

• Power Apps – Fundamentals – May 11th

• Canvas Apps – Fundamentals – May 18th

• Model-Driven Apps – Fundamentals – May 25th

• Power Virtual Agents – Fundamentals – June 1st


Power BI

The Power BI fundamentals class aims to cover the breadth of capabilities available through a hands-on workshop. This class is suitable for all users, new and old, whether a consumer, builder, or administrator. You will be able to participate in this course with no previous knowledge or understanding as this will be built through the workshop. Whether you want to learn how to get started with Power BI or if you wish to brush up on your knowledge, this course should not be missed.

It will take place on February the 9th and is the initial course among the Masterclass Series.

Learning aims and objectives of this class will be:

• Be able to connect and transform data from various sources

• Define your own business rules and KPIs

• Explore data using interactive visuals

• Build useful reports

• Customize and share Dashboard with your team and publish to the web.

Power Query

The class on Power Query will be the second class within the Masterclass Series, taking place on February the 16th. As with the first class, this will be a one-day workshop that will cover how to use the Power BI desktop version to be able to import and shape data from various sources. Although briefly covered in the first class, this has its own dedicated fundamentals class which after completion will enable you to import a variety of data sources into Power BI. It is recommended that for this class, you have participated in the first class, Power BI fundamentals.

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

• Understand Power BI desktop data model

• Know the components of effective schemas

• Understand Power Query M language

• Import data from various sources

• Create queries with both the toolbar navigations and advanced editor

• Understand parameters

• Organize your queries



Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) are a useful library of functions and operators that can be used in combination to build formulas and expressions in Power BI. This, therefore, is one of the key classes which should not be missed. This one-day hands-on course focuses on the DAX language fundamentals and is useful for both novice and experienced users. For a novice, you will be able to learn in this class what is needed to get started using DAX for superior future success. Again, it is recommended that you participate in the first class, fundamentals of Power BI if you wish to consider this class.

This class will comprehensively cover:

• DAX formatting

• DAX syntax and naming conventions

• Calculated columns

• Measures

• DAX operators

• Aggregation functions

• Expanded table functions

• Expanded evaluation contexts and relationships

• Calculating functions and variables

• Time intelligence

• Building date tables

• DAX studio

• Querying in DAX

• Hierarchies in DAX

• Advanced relationships

Power Automation

Power Automate is a service that helps to create automated workflows. Automate repetitive manual tasks by creating processes using a no or low code platform. Many different industries and organizations can benefit from Power Automation, specifically banking, retail, insurance, and many others. This Power Automation fundamentals class aims to cover in a one-day workshop how to create custom business applications and share them within your organization. There are no prerequisites suggested for taking this class on the 4th of May.

By the end of this class, you will learn:

• How to digitize business processes

• How to easily connect your applications and share data

• How to automate and optimize business processes

• To create custom business apps without intensive code writing

• Learn building sophisticated business processes and data relationships within your applications

• Share your apps securely within your organization

Power Apps

Power Apps is a group of apps, services, connectors, and data platform by Microsoft that provides an environment for rapid application development. The fundamentals of the Power Apps course will aim to teach you how to create business applications that run on mobile devices without the need of writing code, and to be able to share these apps within your organization securely. This course will take place on the 11th of May and again has no prerequisites.

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

• Use Power Apps to build and deploy custom business apps; Canvas and Model-driven styles

• Bring your data together and create powerful apps using compliant and scalable data service.

• Use Microsoft Flow as your business service to build automated workflows intuitively.

This course goes hand in hand with the Power Automation course on the 4th of May, as both are linked contextually.


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